The CAESES Student Award goes to

The CAESES Student Award goes to

The CAESES Student Award goes to

Many students all around the world, from high school to PhD level, are using CAESES to help them reach the targets of their engineering projects. 

We have received many high-quality submissions in the scope of our CAESES Student Award and learned a lot about what the students are working on and how CAESES helps them solve sophisticated engineering tasks. The most interesting submissions have been published in our blog, giving the students an opportunity to share their research experience and knowledge with our community. Special thanks to each and everyone of the participants for granting us these astonishing insights and expanding our horizons.

The author of the best article and therefore the winner of our CAESES Student Award 2020 has now been selected.

And the CAESES Student Award 2020 goes to

Erika Ghignoni, PhD student at the University of Florence

Congratulations Erika! Your expertise in the usage of CAESES and research in the field of turbopumps for space applications are very inspiring. We were especially impressed by your feature programming skills, which led to a complex, but efficient, setup of your project, and finally to significant results. We hope, CAESES will help you with many more tasks in your future research work!

You are invited to attend our next user conference free of charge, and have the opportunity to select a prize between a selection of electronic gadgets that include a Bluetooth speakerphone, an action camera, a 360 degree camera, and a VR headset.

Check out the winning article here: Sensitivity Approach for a Turbopump Inducer Geometry

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