CAD for Automated Shape OptimizationCAESES is a flexible CAD modeler for fast and robust design studies with your simulation tools. Integrated capabilities for process automation and shape optimization make it an all-in-one design system for simulation engineers.
AUTOMATE THE GEOMETRY GENERATION Optimized products make you stand out from the mass in the engineering market. CAESES helps you to achieve this goal by letting you create powerful robust geometry models that can be integrated into any simulation-driven optimization loop.
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Nicolas Lachenmaier

By using CAESES, we could massively bring down our turbine design cycle from several months to only a few weeks.

Nicolas Lachenmaier Engineer for Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Analysis - MTU Friedrichshafen
Tilman auf dem Kampe

We launched a pilot project with Friendship Systems to evaluate CAESES in May, it helped us solve a time-critical task in July and it became a design tool by October. By then we had created flexible and robust parametric models for complex parts, enabling us to optimize in design spaces we had previously not been able to explore.

Tilman auf dem Kampe Head of Aerodynamics Technology Development, Large Gas Turbine Engineering - SIEMENS
Pol Muller

In our experience, using CAESES for creating parametric models was MUCH faster and easier than with our traditional CAD tool – hours versus weeks! For complex geometries, the traditional CAD tool was not the optimum solution because when creating variants we experienced a lot of infeasible geometries, whereas in CAESES we had almost 100% success. At Sirehna, CAESES has become an indispensable tool for conducting comprehensive shape optimization studies in an automated CFD-driven design process.

Pol Muller Head of Thrusters - SIREHNA
Michael Palm

Before introducing CAESES we ran about one hundred RANSE simulations per year. On the basis of CAESES we are now able to undertake several ten thousands of viscous simulations every year with no additional effort. This gives us an exceptional insight for key product decisions that we would not be able to generate without CAESES.

Michael Palm Head of Ship Hydrodynamics - VOITH Turbo


Why CAESES? CAD modeling, CFD automation and optimization in a single user interface: With its focus on automation, CAESES is your fast track to quickly explore new product ideas and to drive innovation!
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Geometry Modeling

CAESES® foundation is a powerful and flexible parametric 3D modeler. The main purpose: Robust variable geometry with fewer parameters.

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Create a clean and robust parametric geometry that is ideal for automated meshing and analysis.

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CFD Automation

Integrate, launch and control your simulation runs. Let it be your flexible GUI for process automation incl. 3D post-processing.

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CAESES® offers integrated methods for automated design explorations and shape optimization.

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Shape Deformation

Optimize imported geometries by using the shape deformation and morphing techniques of CAESES.

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Powerful Scripting

CAESES® is a command-driven platform that can be fully scripted and customized. Includes batch mode capabilities.

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Adjoint CFD

Accelerate your shape optimization process by mapping the results of an adjoint flow analysis to the geometry parameters.

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Custom Templates

Get your flexible CAESES model in just a few days! Customized to your needs and easy to use. No CAESES expertise required.

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CAESES 5.2 - THE TURBOMACHINERY SPECIAL A new version of our geometry modeling and shape optimization platform CAESES is now available for download. The new CAESES release 5.2 was developed with a strong focus on turbomachinery design. It offers a wide selection of components, workflows, and methods to simplify and streamline the parametric modeling of turbomachinery geometries, while maintaining the high level of freedom and customization that CAESES is known for.
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