Software for Simulation EngineersConduct Shape Optimizations with Smarter Geometries

Flow Optimization

With CAESES® as your powerful tool in the CFD department, you can create intelligent variable geometry and directly automate your workflow to explore design variants. Traditional CAD systems in the market are not designed to create geometry for analysis and it is difficult to vary complex shapes automatically in a 100% robust and efficient way. From the start, our modeling capabilities were specifically developed for simulation, for the purpose of smarter flow optimization.

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CAESES®' foundation is a powerful and flexible 3D parametric modeler. From the start, our modeling capabilities were specifically developed for automation and simulation, especially CFD.


CAESES® is an integration platform that can launch and control the CFD (or other) simulation studies. Any CFD code that can be run in batch mode from a geometry file and input script can be coupled.


Vary and Explore! With CAESES®, there is no need for a separate optimization software. CAESES® contains many inbuilt strategies for design explorations and shape optimization.

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