"Much faster and easier"Pol Muller, Head of Thrusters, DCNS Research

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Are you using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to design flow-exposed products or components? Is the fluid dynamic behavior of your design critical for realizing the performance requirements? If your answer is yes, then CAESES® could be the perfect solution for you. With CAESES as the Upfront CAE workhorse in the pre-CAD stage, engineers can explore a multitude of design variants within highly automated workflows.

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Parametric Blade Design

CAESES®‘ foundation is a powerful and flexible 3D parametric modeler. From the start, our modeling capabilities were specifically developed for simulation, especially CFD. Unlike traditional CAD tools, our main focus is the smart design of complex flow-exposed functional surfaces. For…


CAESES® is an integration platform that can launch and control the CFD (or other) simulation studies. Any CFD code that can be run in batch mode from a geometry file and input script can be coupled. Many of our customers…


With CAESES®, there is no need for a separate optimization software. CAESES® contains many sophisticated optimization algorithms ranging from single-objective strategies for fast and efficient studies, to more complex multi-objective techniques which are effective at conducting a global search of…

Released: CAESES 4.0 We've made it! The latest version 4.0 of CAESES comes with free form deformations (also called box deformations), integration of the free optimization toolkit Dakota and much more! Download your version today!
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