"Much faster and easier"Pol Muller, Head of Thrusters, DCNS Research
FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS now a Stock Corporation We are happy to announce that FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG has taken over the entire business of Friendship Systems GmbH. The team and the software you know stay the same but the legal set-up has changed.
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Recent Work

Our flagship product CAESES / FRIENDSHIP-Framework is used by leading companies worldwide that design products and components involving crucial flow-exposed functional surfaces. Browse through our case studies and recent work to get a quick impression of what can be realized with our Upfront CAE system.


In this case study, the rear wing of a hyper sports car was optimized with respect to the drag and downforce. For the adjoint CFD computations, the software package iconCFD was utilized. The parametric model of the rear wing was…


FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS investigated the aerodynamic behaviour of a vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) in collaboration with the US-based company Pointwise. A summary of this work is given below. Meshing with Pointwise In a first phase of what should be a multi-phase…


FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS prepared an example for linking CAESES to OpenFOAM for a workshop that was held in October 2014. The following summary is also available as tutorial (see more information below). Blade Geometry The blade is generated by using the…