CAESES® is a flexible CAD platform for fast and comprehensive design studies with your meshing and simulation tools. Integrated capabilities for process automation and shape optimization make it an all-in-one design tool for simulation engineers.





CAESES vs. Traditional CAD Tools

CAESES® stands for “CAE System Empowering Simulation” and its ultimate goal is to design optimal flow-exposed products.  It’s literally made for simulation experts, but also a great choice for CAD engineers – especially if they work closely with the simulation department.

Automation of Variant Creation

CAESES® focuses on automation! The creation of geometry variants is fully automated and 100% robust, thanks to the dependency-based modeling approach (as opposed to the history-based approach of other modeling systems).


All generated geometries are clean and watertight. This is essential for running design studies with meshing and simulation tools, e.g. on HPC clusters.

More Efficient Geometry

At the same time, CAESES® models have less parameters which finally saves computational time in optimization processes. Furthermore, you can build design constraints into your CAESES® model, such as cross-sectional areas, minimum distances to keep, manufacturing constraints, hard points, etc. This ensures that only feasible designs are created during optimization runs and design studies.

  • Simulation-ready: CAESES® geometries are closed, clean and can be meshed without any manual pre-processing
  • Robust during variation: No broken or infeasible designs during an automated geometry generation process
  • Fixed Identifiers: Patches and surfaces keep their identifiers (names, colors) in automated meshing processes
  • Parameter reduction: Fewer design variables, leading to tremendous computational time savings
Robust, efficient variable geometry for simulation studies

Robust and efficient geometry models for automated simulation-driven studies


Explore and Find Optimal Designs Much Faster

CAESES® also contains capabilities for automation of simulation tools to couple flow and structural analysis, plus integrated strategies for parameter studies and shape optimization. Together with the variable CAESES® geometry, this allows you to efficiently investigate large sets of new design candidates with your simulation package of choice!

Explore hundreds or even thousands of design candidates in an automated process

Explore hundreds or even thousands of design candidates in an automated process

CAESES® itself contains no CFD or other simulation methods, instead it seamlessly integrates your existing tools to create a closed loop.


Typical Applications

CAESES®  is used in various industries, typical areas of interest include ship hulls, turbomachines, ducts and manifolds, engine components, aerodynamic bodies, amongst others. CAESES® is suited for both internal and external flow applications.


Who Uses CAESES?

Leading companies all over the world use CAESES® for the design and shape optimization of engineering products. Examples are Caterpillar, MTU, Toyota, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, just to pick a few. See the industries page for a list of selected references.


Your Advantage: Available for Linux

Having CAE tools that can be automated on HPC clusters is crucial nowadays! That’s the reason why we also support Linux platforms and a batch mode (non-GUI version), to let you exploit all your hardware resources. Of course, we also support Windows systems. Read more.




caeses_geometry_modeling_cad_for_cfdGeometry Modeling

Create smarter parametric geometry for simulation with fewer parameters and with more flow-related control! CAESES® gives you specialized CAD for CFD that is geared towards generation of design variants.





All parametric models in CAESES® are ready for automated meshing and CFD analysis. The geometry is clean, closed and colored in terms of their boundary information. Save time with one-time pre-processing that gets automatically applied for all new design candidates.




ship_hull_CFD_automationCFD Automation

CAESES® allows you to integrate and automate your CFD or other simulation software. With this, you can analyze a new design candidate with a single click. Any external tool that has a batch mode can be immediately integrated and coupled to your geometry model.




best_designs_pareto_frontier_imgDesign Exploration and Shape Optimization

Once your geometry is ready and your simulation package is integrated, you can run design explorations and shape optimization. CAESES® provides a set of methods for the automated creation of design candidates so that no external optimization software is required.




Shape Deformation

In addition to the parametric modeling capabilities of CAESES®, you can make use of morphing and shape deformation techniques. These methods are suited for fast shape optimization of existing geometries such as mesh or NURBS data. This greatly complements the CAD functionality of CAESES® and provides you further tools for the optimal design of your product.




adjoint_cfd_optimization_rearwingOptimization with Adjoint CFD

The use of adjoint CFD methods has been getting more popular in recent years. As an answer to this, CAESES® allows you to couple the results of adjoint CFD with the geometry parameters of your model. This reduces the number of model parameters to run faster shape optimizations.




Get more control and write your own functionsPowerful Scripting

CAESES® is a completely command-based platform where the commands are triggered in the background of the graphical user interface. However, all commands can be directly accessed by yourself to fully script, automate and customize the use of CAESES®.




Easy-to-use custom template modelsCustom Templates

No time to learn a new software? The variable and robust CAESES® models can be wrapped into an easy-to-use interface for non-experts of CAESES®. Use simple sliders and buttons to control your model, export geometry or even run full optimizations with one click.




Online Showroom [BETA]

We have prepared a showroom with web apps where CAESES® runs in the background. All examples given in our showroom are created with the desktop application of CAESES®. This work is still in a beta phase, but you can already try it out.






A Short Comparison to Other Tools


CAESES® in 30 Seconds

One of the founders from FRIENDHIP SYSTEMS gives you simple answers to the question what CAESES® does: Read the short interview …

CAD Modeling

When it comes to the CAD modeling capabilities, CAESES® has its focus primarily on the design and variation of complex free-form surfaces. We target CFD or other simulation engineers that need a lightweight and flexible tool for the pre-CAD stage, to explore novel designs, and to be able to finally hand over an optimized/improved geometry to the CAD department.

Our users build models that typically have fewer parameters than traditional CAD models, and they skip details that are not relevant for simulation. Instead, they build-in parameters that follow a flow-centric thinking, to have an intuitive and efficient control that is related to the flow. Furthermore, our users set up models such that the patch names and edges are fixed during a variation, in order to be able to fully automate the meshing procedure. As a result, creating and analyzing a new design candidate of a geometry is perfectly robust. The robust variation of parametric geometry models is really the strength of CAESES®.


CAESES® gives you geometry modeling in the first stage! This is a key difference to other general-purpose optimization software. Besides that, CAESES® also offers a set of strategies for advanced parameter studies and shape optimization that can be readily used. Our focus are CAE engineers that want to automatically vary a CAESES® geometry model. Furthermore, CAESES® has a batch mode possibility and hence can be controlled by other optimization software. So if you already have an optimization software, you could simply stick to it and use CAESES® only for the robust and efficient generation of geometry variants. This is one typical situation in our user base. We have various optimization partners where we make sure that our solutions work together as easy as possible for the user.

Simulation Packages

CAESES® does not contain any CFD or simulation capabilities. Instead it seamlessly integrates existing simulation tools that can be triggered in batch mode. Finally, CAESES® is completely independent of the meshing and simulation software that you use in your company. We are not restricted to a specific vendor, which might be of interest when you consider to jump on another simulation software or if you want to use in-house tools.


Editions and Licensing

We provide different licenses for companies and for academic purposes. Ranging from a standard edition up to a power edition: There are several editions to choose from, depending on your industry, application, design task and budget. We are also very open to discuss special packages for small companies, start-ups and freelancers. More information …



We’d be happy to talk to you, either through emails, a telephone call or a webmeeting! Please simply get in touch with us if you are interested in using CAESES® for your specific engineering application.





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