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Most of the design and optimization tasks that CAESES addresses are rather complex. We want to enable you to build up your optimization workflow as quickly as possible, and can support you in accelerating this first phase. We know that you’d like to achieve the first great results in the shortest time possible with your new software!

We offer on-site training courses, as well as individual web-based courses for both new customers and advanced users of CAESES. In these focused courses, we jointly dig into your specific applications and requirements to make you and your team productive with CAESES in a just a few days. The advantage of these courses is that unlike standard or generalized training, its 100% geared towards your company’s needs. And this saves loads of time!

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Initial Geometry for Optimization

For customized training courses we can prepare parametric geometry models upfront to save time when the training starts. These models are based on your specifications and during the training we’ll go through them together step by step. You can then either use these models directly for optimization, or modify them according to your needs after the training. Of course, once you’ve finished the training, we’ll continue to support you.

CAESES Geometries for Optimization


Automating Simulation

In order to run automated studies and shape optimizations with CAESES and your other CAE tools, you’ll need to robustly connect them. In the training courses, we also go through this process, while making sure that the specific requirements of your existing meshing and simulation tools are considered completely.



Please don’t hesitate, and just get in touch with us if you’re interested in CAESES training. Together we can discuss what kind of course makes the most sense for you and your team, based on your schedule, budget and specific wishes. See our FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS company pages for more information about our services.