Custom Templates

Custom Templates

If you want to get started with a CAESES model right away, then request your customized template model! You provide all the specifications, and we do the setup for you in just a few days! We are in tight communication with you when setting up your custom model, to make sure you really get you what you expect and require.

CAESES® models are typically provided as project files on the basis of the desktop version of CAESES®. Alternatively, we can offer easy-to-use browser web apps (beta).

Easy-to-use browser application based on CAESES

Ready-to-use, highly customized geometry models on the basis of CAESES


Why a Custom Template?

The main benefit is simply that you don’t have to learn a new piece of software. The result – the CAESES® model – is ready in a few days and it is absolutely easy-to-use. We also assist you in a streamlined integration of the model into your individual design process.


Ready for Automated Meshing and CFD

CAESES® custom templates are suited for automated meshing and CFD analysis. Your model can be based on a CFD-centric thinking, i.e. you can incorporate all your flow-related parameters and application-specific degrees of freedom. You are the domain expert, you know what you need – just tell us. Any design constraints (e.g. a given installation space, minimum thicknesses etc.) can be considered and built into it as well.


Any kinds of engineering components can be wrapped as a CAESES custom template model


Easy-To-Use Web Apps

You don’t have to be a CAESES® expert to make use of our models! Simply access your simulation-ready model through a wrapped and easy-to-use graphical user interface. Enter input values, use sliders and buttons. The model is ready for daily use in your CFD department. If needed, full CFD and optimization setups can be integrated. Choose to use an installed version of CAESES® to run these models in your company, or optionally work with your models through a browser interface where the model is either self-hosted or cloud-based.




Ship hull design through browser, including geometry download

Ship hull design through browser, including geometry download


More Information

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have more questions about custom templates 🙂

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