Custom Templates

Custom Templates

CAESES® offers the possibility to wrap its project setups as easy-to-use web browser interfaces. These beautiful interfaces can be used e.g. either on a local PC (offline) or online through the Internet. Such a template can contain parametric geometry, automated simulations and optimization setups, to run single-click design studies.

Easy-to-use browser application based on CAESES

Ready-to-use, highly customized geometry models on the basis of CAESES


Why a Custom Template?

The main benefit is simply that you don’t have to learn a new piece of software. The result – the wrapped CAESES® model – is ready in a few days and can be used through a set of simple input fields and sliders.




Ship hull design through browser, including geometry download

Ship hull design through browser, including geometry download


More Information

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have more questions about custom templates and browser-based solutions. This functionality is still in a beta phase and we are including feedback from our existing customer base as well as from you! As a solution provider, we can also help you to set up and wrap complex models based on your requirements.


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