Simulation-Ready Geometry

Geometry in CAESES® can be set up with fixed patch identifiers such as colors that get passed over to your simulation tools. These identifiers do not change during variation, which allows you to re-use and automate the meshing and analysis procedure for new design candidates.

Create a clean and robust 3D geometry including boundary information for CFD.

Unique identifier for important surfaces patches

Unique identifiers for important surfaces patches

With these specialized CFD-related capabilities, you can e.g. derive parametric flow domain geometries that follow your model and that can be directly meshed with your meshing software. 100% robust for all generated variants!

Fully-parametric periodic flow domain of an impeller

Fully-parametric periodic flow domain of an impeller – incl. boundary identifier


Closed Surface Triangulation

In addition, the generated geometries in CAESES® are typically watertight i.e. closed and absolutely clean. You will have no issues with overlapping surfaces or gaps. However, if needed, you can apply healing and snapping mechanisms to fix a surface triangulation. This issue is critical if your meshing software is using STL input. The coloring mechanisms are also available for sending information about the different surface patches to your meshing setup. Check out this short tutorial video about watertight meshes.

closed surface triangulation

Closed surface triangulation for clean and colored STL export


More Information

There is an article about the “colored” IGES and STEP format of CAESES® that is of interest for several simulation packages such as STAR-CCM+. Another blog post “New export for CONVERGE users” gives information about coloring surface patches for robust and easy data exchange with CONVERGE CFD.




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