Standard Edition

The pro version of our software product CAESES® can be purchased in various configurations. Based on a powerful standard edition, we can package additional functionality according to your application and industry (see the add-on section below). The standard edition is our major product which comprises full general CAD capabilities, CFD coupling as well as strategies for automated design studies and optimization. Free form deformations are also already included for shape optimization of existing geometries (e.g. from STL or IGES data). All prices on request.

Geometry Modeling checked
Software Connection checked
Design Studies and Optimization checked
Basic Variation and Optimization Strategies checked
Unlimited Number of Design Variants checked
Free Form Deformation / Morphing checked
Adjoint Optimization checked
Batch Mode checked
Additional Export Formats incl. Colored IGES/STEP and CONVERGE Format checked
Premium Support (Phone, Email, Helpdesk) checked

* Note that the SHIPFLOW interface is not included in the standard edition.




Add-On Turbo

For the design and optimization of any rotating machinery, we can package our standard edition with additional parametric blade design capabilities. In particular, specialized curve and surface types map user-defined 2D sections into the 3D space.

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Blade Design Capabilities (e.g. for Propellers, Turbochargers, Pumps, Turbines and Compressors) checked
PFF Export (Propeller Free Format) checked
Automated 2D Propeller Drawing checked


Add-On Maritime

This add-on is dedicated to naval architects and maritime CFD experts that want to design and optimize ship hulls. Besides the functionality from the standard edition, advanced shift transformations for ship hulls (see this post) and the hydrostatic calculation are provided. See also our marine section for more information.

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Generalized Lackenby for Advanced Ship Hull Deformations checked
Hydrostatic Calculation checked
Section Generation from Surfaces or STL Data checked
Specialized Curve Types for Yacht Design checked


Add-On AdvancedOpt

This is a great extension to the standard edition which adds advanced optimization capabilities to CAESES®. As a highlight, the optimization toolkit Dakota is fully integrated, so that you can readily use the entire Dakota method set (e.g. response surfaces, more sampling and optimization methods). More information about optimization functionality can be found here.

SSH Resource Manager

Included is also an optional SSH Resource Manager which is an additional and separate piece of software (click here for an illustration). The SSH Resource Manager is a light weight grid engine designed to enable CAESES® to start external simulations on remote computers based on the SSH protocol – with a single button-click, directly from within the CAESES® GUI. Using the SSH Resource Manager behaves the same as if the simulation was executed on the local machine.

This grid engine is a platform independent program that can run on any operating system for which Java is available. It allows to reduce the idle time of software licenses and to utilize available hardware resources fully. Additionally, it enables CAESES® to pass operating system boundaries, when, for example, the software you want to integrate has to run on a certain operating system but your CAESES® users work on a different operating system.

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Advanced Optimization Strategies incl. Response Surfaces checked
2D Charts and Correlation Plots checked
Dakota GUI Interface checked
SSH Resource Manager checked


Power Edition

This is our full-blown package which includes advanced optimization PLUS the maritime OR the turbo edition capabilities.

Includes Standard Edition checked
Add-On AdvancedOpt checked
Add-On Maritime OR Add-On Turbo checked


Academic Licenses

In addition to our commercial editions, we offer academic teaching licenses (ATL), and also academic research licenses (ARL) for funded research. If needed, we can issue float licenses for the ATL/ARL, to install CAESES® on a server and give PC-independent access to it.

Academic Teaching License (ATL)

Intended for hands-on teaching in a classroom environment. It also includes maintenance and premium support.

Academic Research License (ARL)

Intended for academic R&D projects. The academic research license can be combined with an academic teaching license (conditions may apply). It also includes maintenance and premium support.

Please contact us for more information and details.


Free Student / PhD Student License

We also offer a non-commercial academic edition for students and PhD candidates for free (limitations may apply). Student licenses currently comprise the entire functionality of CAESES® without any limitations.The license is strictly intended for personal use and self-learning and may not be used for funded projects or University sponsored R&D programs. CAESES® must be installed on a personal PC/notebook rather than on University computers.

Download and install CAESES® from our download area. During the registration process, choose “Free Student License” and follow the instructions. We will need your certificate of enrollment displaying a date and period for verification (PDF or image). After we have received your certificate we will examine your request details. It is possible that you will be contacted by FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS or a local sales partner for further information. Free student licenses are granted at the sole discretion of FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS. This offer may not be available in all countries or may be withdrawn without any prior notice.

As soon as your certificate expires, just send us a copy of the new one using this email address (include your license ID in the subject line), and we will extend it again. By granting you this free license we expect you to send us a summary report of the work that you have accomplished with CAESES® or a PDF copy of your thesis if applicable. For help and support with CAESES®, please visit the forum.


Batch Mode Licenses

Finally, we offer special batch mode licenses if you would like to use CAESES® as a pure geometry engine in combination with your optimization tool of choice. This allows you to run up to several hundreds CAESES® instances at the same time, e.g. for creating geometry variants on HPC clusters. More information can be found here.


Free Trial License for Commercial Use

We provide free trial licenses for 2 weeks. If you need more time, just let us know – no problem! Simply download and install CAESES® from our download area. During the registration process, choose “Trial License” and follow the instructions. That’s it! Check out the PDF tutorials that we ship with CAESES® to dive into the software!


More Information

Are you interested in receiving a quote? Or do you have any further questions? Then don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We look forward to getting in touch with you!


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