CAESES Web App for Aerodynamic Glider Plane Design

CAESES Web App for Aerodynamic Glider Plane Design

CAESES Web App for Aerodynamic Glider Plane Design

We have launched our new web application for aerodynamic glider plane design. The new glider plane design web app is now available for you on It is based on CAESES running in the background of the web app and allows designers to create their own glider plane design within minutes by changing typical geometry parameters.

For each design that is created, a short preliminary analysis is done directly within the CAESES App GUI. Once your design is finished, the design candidate can be downloaded as 3D STL file.

For a full 3D flow analysis (RANS computation) simply upload your glider plane design to the AirShaper platform to get an affordable performance report.

Let us know how you like it!

Design your glider here!



Video: 4 Steps to Create Your Own Glider Plane Design within Minutes

Online glider plane design with CAESES web application

In 4 simple steps you can design your own glider plane:

  1. An initial design is created based on your input
  2. Finetune all parts of the geometry, e.g., fuselage, wing shape, vertical/horizontal tail
  3. Check the balance and performance calculations and download the 3D STL model
  4. Run an affordable full 3D AirShaper simulation to get a full aerodynamic performance report about your glider plane design

More Information

For more information visit .

Glider Plane Design Web App

We are constantly improving our web app. Feel free to drop us a line and give us some feedback 🙂 


About AirShaper

AirShaper is an online aerodynamics platform: it allows designers & engineers to upload 3D models, set the wind speed and orientation and have the airflow simulated. This process is completely automated, allowing users without expertise in aerodynamics to obtain reliable results & improve their design.

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