Released CAESES 4.1.1

Released CAESES 4.1.1

Released CAESES 4.1.1

We have released version 4.1.1 of our upfront modeling and optimization software CAESES® and CAESES® Free. All details about new features, changes and bug fixes can be found in our changes log.


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Version 4.1.1 now comes with an exciting Twitter integration, to directly share screenshots from within the CAESES® user interface. There are also two new export options for a smoother data exchange with STAR-CCM+.

Assign a color with the name "outlet" to the patches

New exports: Assign a color with the name “outlet” to the patches, which gets detected by STAR-CCM+


Started: Interface Clean-Up

Note that we have removed all feature definitions from the user interface for the time being, since we need to review most of these definitions, and in order to give you a cleaned-up interface. The old definitions are still available, and we are heavily working on a new platform to access feature definitions in a more structured way.