New Video: HOLIstic Optimization of SHIP Design

New Video: HOLIstic Optimization of SHIP Design

New Video: HOLIstic Optimization of SHIP Design

You always wanted to know something about the European R&D project HOLISHIP?Holiship Video

The European research project HOLISHIP kicked-off in 2016. It includes a team of 40 European maritime industry partners with 15 nationalities that are collaborating to develop new methods and tools for a holistic approach to ship design optimization and operation for life cycle. The research incorporates innovative methods for the design of passenger ships, cargo ships, offshore support vessels and offshore platforms. 

CAESES is used as the process integration and design optimization platform (PIDO), allowing the design team to explore many shape variants to optimize ships for life cycle. In addition, CAESES serves as the CAD tool  providing robust surface modeling methods and parametric transformations for hull form generation.

HOLISHIP Project Video

Check out the new video granting some project insights about objectives and achievements.


More Information

More information about the approach to holistic ship design can be found on the HOLISHIP website.


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