Successful Design Challenges at SMM 2016

Successful Design Challenges at SMM 2016

Successful Design Challenges at SMM 2016

Last week at the SMM 2016 in Hamburg, Germany, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS had finished two design challenges for the CFD-based optimization of ship hulls.


Challenge 1: Ship Optimization on an iPad

In the first challenge, participants could modify the parametric CAD geometry of a given ship hull (an offshore supply vessel) and immediately run a flow simulation for their design candidates. This amazing competition was wrapped in an easy-to-use browser-based application, and more information about it can be found in the SMM design optimization challenge blog post (check out the short video in this post). We had around 40 participants from the maritime industry, and we are happy to announce the winners today:

  1. Carsten Standfuß (TAMSEN MARITIM GmbH)
  2. Ruedi Stadelmann (Shiptec AG)

The first price is a Noise Cancellation Headphone PXC 250 II, while the second price is a BOSE SoundSport In-Ear Headphone. Congratulations and thanks a lot to all “designers” for participating and making the challenge a real fun event. Thanks also to HSVA who provided the CFD code ν-SHALLO for this event.


Browser interface of interactive design challenge (click to watch the short video)


Challenge 2: Container Vessel in Marine Workshop

The second challenge was part of the joint marine workshop with NUMECA. The attendees changed a set of design variables that controlled the shape of a container vessel. After that, the modified shape could be analyzed by NUMECA’s simulation software FINETM/Marine on a remote machine from our partners CPU/24. Geometry modeling and CFD integration as well simulation management were realized by CAESES®. Thanks to all attendees – we hope it had been worthwhile to join the workshop, and we also hope that you have enjoyed this little design competition 🙂