Repositioning CAESES Free

Repositioning CAESES Free

Repositioning CAESES Free

Claus Abt and Stefan Harries, CEOs of FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS

After more than three years of offering CAESES® Free along with our pro-version CAESES®, we are repositioning our product portfolio. Our flag-ship product CAESES® – which comprises simulation-ready CAD and optimization within a flexible integration environment – will be continued as is. The free academic and non-commercial edition for students will also be carried on. There will be new exciting products in 2017, but CAESES® Free will be faded out.


CAESES in a Browser

New products: CAESES in a browser

New Products

In 2017, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS will start introducing new innovative tools for CAE engineers. All of these tools will be based on CAESES®. Some will be provided via the web and a simple browser interface (check out this early preview), while others will be made available as stand-alone versions. These new products made it necessary to review and change the current product portfolio. And we plan to carry on with selected free offers in the future.


What Happens to CAESES Free?

Naturally, we are not going to just stop CAESES® Free from one day to the next. Rather, existing users can today select between several options to continue the usage of CAESES® Free. New registrations for CAESES® Free will not be available after December 15, 2016.


Last-Time License Extension

So far, we provided you with a web-based commercial license of CAESES® Free that was valid for six months at a time and you could repeatedly prolong your license for another six months. You can now manually extend your current commercial license of CAESES® Free for one last time. It will then stay valid until June 30, 2017 –with exactly the same functionality as you are enjoying presently. With this action we guarantee another full six months from now on. After this final period, your license expires automatically.


Please extend your license manually until December 31, 2016 the very latest. Otherwise, if you just want to fade out your usage of CAESES® Free you do not need to do anything. Your license will then simply expire at the end of your current 180 days runtime. Of course, until then you can still enjoy your CAESES® Free functionality as is.


infoLong-Term Solution for Current CAESES Free Users

In addition to your license extension through the link above, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS would be very happy to offer you a long-term commercial solution. As a special offer to our existing CAESES® Free users, you now have the one-time opportunity to convert your license so that it gives you the same functionality as today’s CAESES® Free – in the long-term (also beyond 2017) and for an exclusive annual price of € 2000 (excl. VAT if applicable), including support. Other options like multiple licenses and additional functionality are available.

For this special offer please fill out the form below until December 15, 2016, the very latest. Best get in touch with us right away so that we can discuss your needs individually. After this period, our standard prices will be applied. The offer is only valid for current CAESES® Free users.

Update December 16,  2016: Form got removed – offer expired.