efoil Flying Rodeo

efoil Flying Rodeo

efoil Flying Rodeo

Have you ever come across an efoil? Actually, that’s a pretty cool sort of surfboard which almost makes you fly above the water. One of our CAESES® users, David Vukovic, recently approached us in the context of the propeller design for his Flying Rodeo board. They offer this amazing efoil, hovering 1 m above water with a speed up to 50 km/h! At the same time, the rider is still able to maintain a perfect balance.

David and his team have developed a set of different models so that beginners, but also experts, can have loads of fun. Check out the following short YouTube video to get an idea of how it works:

David: “The Free Ride model is suitable for learning and offers security and stability for gliding above the water. If you are up for more adrenaline, there is a Race model that gives you more freedom and a higher speed. The real catch is you don’t have to buy another efoil, because the components are interchangeable, so you buy one kit and get two Flying Rodeo efoil models.”

The entire kit weighs only 15 kg, which means you can take it with you wherever life may take you. “The combination of light wings and an electric motor, which drives the propeller, makes Flying Rodeo an environmentally friendly craft. So enjoy your ride without any emissions, noise and waves!”, continues David.

The efoil propeller of the Flying Rodeo was designed in CAESES

The efoil propeller of the Flying Rodeo was designed in CAESES

David uses CAESES® to generate the propeller blades for the efoil designs. In the context of 3D printing, especially the tip thickness needs to be adjusted to the required minimum thickness. The CAESES® propeller model provides all these controls and allows David to quickly adjust, export and 3D-print a new design.


More Information

More details about general propeller design with CAESES® can be found in the marine section. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need an advanced propeller design for your application.

Further details about the Flying Rodeo efoil are given on the Flying Rodeo Facebook page.

Parametric CAESES model of an efoil propeller

Parametric CAESES model of an efoil propeller


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9 thoughts on “efoil Flying Rodeo

  1. Andreas

    I can’t wait to test the Flying Rodeo myself. Looks like the race car of eFoils.

    David, if you have time please send me any new specs for the electric hydrofoil comparison at:


    I would love to create another article around your foil.


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