Parametric Design of a F1 Rear Wing

Parametric Design of a F1 Rear Wing

Parametric Design of a F1 Rear Wing

One of our colleagues (who is really crazy about motor sports) currently works on the optimization of a rear wing design for a F1 race car. Basically, he imported the entire car geometry and simply replaced the initial rear wing design by a smart parametric model. And this model is really smart, it has been so much fun to put together the animations of this blog post for you.


F1 car with rear wing model

The main wing and the flap get controlled by a set of functions using the advanced meta surface technology. Well, CAESES® users typically automate the shape changes, i.e. these functions get finally varied by optimization algorithms. From the top to the bottom, we have changed only one wing control per animation, before ending up with a nice shape. This makes it easier to understand what’s actually going on. Enjoy!

Click on the animations for a higher resolution.


Camber Distribution



Thickness Distribution



Wing Chord Length



Flap Chord Length



Flap Angle Of Attack



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