Pump Design and Optimization

CAESES® is the most flexible solution in the market for fast and comprehensive pump design in the context of shape optimization with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). CAESES® drastically speeds up the engineering process by automating geometry generation, to find optimal design candidates in the shortest time.

Investigate large sets of design candidates – fully automated!

Pump design: Automated impeller variation in CAESES

Automated pump impeller variation in CAESES


Who Uses CAESES?

Leading companies worldwide – such as KSB, Grundfos and Hitachi – have integrated CAESES® into their workflows for delivering high-quality, optimal pumps to their customers.


Geometry for Shape Optimization with CFD

What makes CAESES® different to other pump design tools in the market is its focus on robust variable geometry for CFD-driven design processes – with full customization possibilities and no black box models.

Import and start with a preliminary baseline design which can be used for fitting your custom CAESES® model. Such a CAESES® model is 100% robust during variation, and ready for fully automated analysis with your simulation tools.

The parametric flow domains are also available for the generated impeller geometries, to fully automate the meshing process. Predefined colors and indices make sure that all references are kept during design studies and optimization runs.

pump impeller CAESES

Parametric flow domain of impeller for automated meshing


Efficient Parametrics

The parametric model setup in CAESES® allows you to include all your pump design expertise, as well as any manufacturing or geometry constraints. This makes sure that only feasible and meaningful designs are generated, and you drastically accelerate your design process by saving unnecessary expensive CFD computations.


Full Customization

CAESES® gives you a flexible CAD environment including scripting possibilities. The scripting environment allows you to customize everything according to your individual company requirements. Customization examples are parametric hub and shroud contours, wrap angle definitions, thickness functions and radii-based profile definitions, fitting processes and channel optimization etc.

By using the CAESES® feature definitions, you can even code your own preliminary design tools using mathematical formulas, functions and control statements (if-else conditions, loops, break, switch and cases, …).

Water Pump Design

Fully customized, variable geometry model of a water pump for simulation-driven design

Water pump variation (top view)

Automated and efficient variation of the impeller geometry

Investigation of generated impeller candidates in CAESES

Investigation of all generated impeller candidates in the CAESES design viewer


Automation of the Pump Design Process

In addition to the CAD cababilities, CAESES® allows you to automate the pump design process by integrating your meshing and CFD tools. Typical tools that can be coupled are:

  • FINETM/Turbo
  • ANSYS CFX & TurboGrid
  • PumpLinx
  • OpenFOAM
  • Proprietary in-house tools.

With this and the integrated optimization methods you have everything available to conduct design studies and shape optimization. All in a single unified graphical user interface!

CFD automation


Volute Design and Optimization

CAESES® is also used for pump volute design and volute shape optimization. Interested? Then please see our volute section for more information.

Automated tongue study of a pump volute

Run automated tongue studies of pump volute in CAESES


More Information about Pump Design with CAESES

There is a presentation “Application of self-programmed custom features and special meridional contours for the design of multi-stage pumps” from KSB, about pump channel design with CAESES® and ANSYS tools.

Pump channel flow optimization at KSB, by coupling CAESES and ANSYS tools (click to enlarge)

Pump channel flow optimization at KSB, by coupling CAESES and ANSYS tools (click to enlarge)

I have been successfully using CAESES for many years now. It allows me to create my own customized toolbox with everything I need in the different stages of the pump design process.

The functionality of CAESES greatly accelerated and complemented our traditional design process. Finally, it lets us improve the quality of our various different types of pumps.

— Dr. Toni Klemm, CFD engineer, KSB SE & Co.


Download Tech Brief

There is a free download “Pump Design and Optimization with CAESES®” (PDF).



Designing pumps is not a trivial task, that’s for sure. We’d be happy to discuss your specific application in more detail to see how we can possibly support you. Typically, we assist our customers in

  • Setting up an efficient initial parametric pump model based on your specifications
  • CAESES® software training so that you are able to create your own pump geometry models in CAESES®
  • Full workflow automation with CAESES® and your meshing/optimization/CFD tools.

Just get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you!




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