Successful CAESES Users Meeting 2019

Successful CAESES Users Meeting 2019

Successful CAESES Users Meeting 2019

First of all, thanks a lot to all attendees of the CAESES® Users Meeting 2019 (September 18-20) for making this event such a huge success! Each and everyone from FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS fully enjoyed meeting up and chatting with you. As usual, your ideas and your feedback were a great source of inspiration.

Thank you all for coming!


On the first day, before getting together over drinks at the welcome reception, we had a choice of two CAESES® workshops (beginners and advanced workshop). The goal was to help new users getting started with CAESES®, and to show some of the advanced modeling techniques as well as tips and tricks, respectively.

Our colleague Daehwan teaching the beginners’ workshop, and a cheery audience 😉


What a bustling exhibition! Software vendors from the optimization, meshing, and CFD solver space shared their expertise and solutions with the attendees, and used the opportunity to discuss current challenges and trends in the CAE sector.

Views of the exhibition area at the CAESES® Users Meeting 2019

User Presentations

All presenters did a fantastic job! The conference part of the users meeting was kicked off by keynotes from Philip Ehrhorn, the Co-Inventor of the “The Great Bubble Barrier“, and Dr. Yuanjiang Pei from the Aramco Research Center in Detroit. They were followed by CAESES users from all over the world, talking about how to create the most competitive products on the market. The presentations gave exclusive and fascinating insights into the simulation-driven design of automotive engine combustion systems, turbochargers, pumps, ship hulls, racing yachts, hydro and wind turbines. The audience could get a very good overview of where and how CAESES® is used. At the same time, one could get an idea of how challenging all these different applications are, with all their complex design constraints and pressing time-schedules.

Presentations and an attentive audience at the CAESES® Users Meeting 2019

Social Event

After a hearty Bavarian dinner at the Paulaner’s, we enjoyed some fantastic musical entertainment by the band “Die Guten“. A special thank you to everyone who joined us on the dance floor! 😉

Martin Pollok and Marian Hoffmann from “Die Guten”

Dedicated Sessions

On the morning of day two, we had dedicated parallel sessions under the headlines of holistic ship design (with presenters from the R&D project HOLISHIP) and advanced turbomachinery design (with presenters from the R&D project GAMMA). These sessions gave the audience the opportunity to ask more detailed questions in the corresponding field of interest, as well as some deeper insights into how R&D drives several CAESES® developments.

Stefan from FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS, talking about turbomachinery

Free Download of Presentations

All presentations can be downloaded from this page.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Not to forget – once again, thanks a lot to our sponsors for coming to Berlin and actively participating in this event. It was great to have you with us!

NUMECA SHIPFLOW by Flowtech CFD Support

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