Special January Offering: Boost the Design of Optimal Pumps and Valves

Special January Offering: Boost the Design of Optimal Pumps and Valves

Special January Offering: Boost the Design of Optimal Pumps and Valves

Are you up for some new experiences when it comes to automating your pump or valve design process? In the context of our January webinar series, we have a special offering that is running until the end of February 2018:


starVariable & CFD-Ready 3D Model

You get a ready-for-analysis 3D pump or valve model, based on your specifications and in just a few days! This parametric CAESES® geometry can be directly used for manual/automated variation, 100% robust!


starTraining from the Developers of CAESES®

Once the model is finished, you will receive a personal web-based training (2h) on your new model by our experts, to give you all the relevant details. We will make sure that you have a very smooth start with it!


starEffective Workflow Automation

We assist you in coupling this new 3D model to your simulation tool, to make you able to analyze new design candidates with a single-click!


starFull Pro License

You receive a 3-months-license CAESES® with all available functionality. Fully automated design studies and advanced shape optimizations are included, as well as informative charts and intuitive design variant management.


The price for this full-service package is 6,000 €*. In case you elect to purchase a CAESES® license before the 3 months period is over, 25% of the package price will be regarded as a down-payment. Simply Ask Us!


How To Get Started

Get in touch with us today and find out more about this limited offer. The offer is valid until February 28, 2018. So don’t hesitate – without any obligations – just give us your rough description using the form below, and we’ll get back to you with a quick initial feedback.

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    * Note that this special deal is intended to give you a first taste of the capabilities of CAESES®, and is hence reserved for newcomers, i.e., if you are not one of our customers, yet (and if you are, just contact us about the project you have in mind; we are sure that we will be able to find a good deal for you, too).

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