aXatlantic: Ocean Drone Project

aXatlantic: Ocean Drone Project

aXatlantic: Ocean Drone Project

Here is a nice little project of a German engineering team where CAESES® has been involved recently, for the purpose of shape optimization: aXatlantic. This project is about building an ocean going drone, even aiming for a world record for the first solar powered and autonomous ocean crossing. Wow!

In this project, the engineers used CAESES® for the calculation and optimization of the hull’s stability and its self-righting ability. More detailed, the goal was to improve upright stability and maximum righting arm of the hull, while keeping the self righting ability. More than 2000 different designs were automatically generated and evaluated in CAESES®, to find the one suiting their needs best. For the stability, the software MAXSURF Stability was coupled to CAESES®.

We hope that these guys bring this project to great success – all the best from the FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS team!

Link: aXatlantic project page

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