Submission Form – CAESES Student Award

CAESES Student Award – Submission Form

We would like to learn more about what you are working on with CAESES and give you the opportunity to present your work to a wider audience.

Therefore, we encourage you to send us a report about your project. We will regularly post interesting submissions in our blog, as a part of our new series about the use of CAESES in academia. Furthermore, in the end of the year, we will select the author of the best article as the winner of the CAESES Student Award.

The winner will

  • be recognized on our website and receive a certificate,
  • be able to attend our next user conference free of charge,
  • have the opportunity to select a prize between a selection of electronic gadgets that include a Bluetooth speakerphone, an action camera, a 360 degree camera, and a VR headset.

If you would like to participate and feel that you have interesting material to share, please use the form below to submit your information, material, and comments as soon as possible.

The main part of the submission is a report in PDF format (something in the range of 4-7 pages, including figures) that details

  • the aims of your project,
  • some basic background information about the application,
  • how you have made use of CAESES within the project, and
  • which results you have been able to achieve.

Additionally, figures of your geometry and GIF animations of your variable parametrized model are very welcome.

Please, note that the submission should be a dedicated text for the CAESES Student Award Competition.

If your submission has been selected for publication in our blog, we might request some additional material.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and about your work 🙂 !

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Check out the winning article and the published submissions here.

CAESES Student Award: Submission Form



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    Please upload your text (in .pdf format) to enter the competition using the uploader below. (Max. file size: 15MB)

    Optionally, you can include GIF animations of your variable geometry using the uploader below. (Max. file size: 10MB)

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    If you encounter difficulties with the submission form feel free to submit your text, figures and GIFs via email:

    We are looking forward to receiving your article about your work with CAESES 🙂