Upfront CAE

Design Studies and OptimizationUpfront CAE System Empowering Simulation

CAESES® stands for “CAE system empowering simulation” and its ultimate goal is to enable engineers to design optimal products. With CAESES® as the Upfront CAE workhorse in the pre-CAD stage, engineers can explore a multitude of design variants within highly automated workflows. This empowers users to either optimize existing designs by squeezing out the last few efficiency points, or to explore novel and innovative concepts that blow away old paradigms.

With CAESES® (the pro edition) and CAESES® Free (the community edition), we offer two solutions that particularly address CFD engineers and simulation experts.


Upfront CAE – What does it mean?

The best opportunity for design explorations and shape variations is early-on within the product development cycle, before designs become too rigid and constrained, and large changes are disruptive. This is the time when enough freedom remains to creatively explore innovative designs. CAESES® is the only dedicated Upfront CAE system that makes this possible within an efficient and totally automated process.

How Upfront CAE fits into the product development process

How Upfront CAE fits into the product development process


A Comprehensive Upfront CAE System

CAESES® is a complete integration framework that provides ready-for-analysis geometry with the Upfront CAD modeler, a software connector to tightly couple with commercial, open source, or in-house CFD tools, as well as an Upfront Optimization module, all in one package. The typical workflow to set up the automation process comprises of our “big 5” steps: variable geometry, pre-processing, software connection, post-processing, and optimization & assessment.