Are you using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to design flow-exposed products or components? Is the fluid dynamic behavior of your design critical for realizing the performance requirements?

If your answer is yes, then CAESES® (formerly known as FRIENDSHIP-Framework) could be the perfect solution for you. With CAESES as the Upfront CAE workhorse in the pre-CAD stage, engineers can explore a multitude of design variants within highly automated workflows.


Upfront CAD

Smart modeling of feasible, simulation-ready geometries
Parametric Modeling

Parametric Modeling

CAESES is a comprehensive upfront CAD tool:

  • Create smart parametric geometries from scratch
  • Focus on variable and simulation-ready geometries
  • One-time CFD-preprocessing work for all geometry variants
  • Import and deform existing geometries
  • Examples: Blades, volutes, ducts, diffusers, wings, ship hulls

Utilize CAESES as your primary CAD tool, or use it as an upfront CAD tool in a collaborative and integrated way with your traditional design and production CAD.

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Upfront CFD

Easily plug-in your simulation tool of choice
Software Connector

Software Connector

CAESES integrates with most of the leading commercial CFD codes as well as in-house codes. Easily plug-in your CFD package into the environment of CAESES to undertake design studies and shape optimization.

Examples for simulation tools that have been coupled to CAESES are STAR-CCM+, ANSYS Fluent/CFX, NUMECA products, OpenFOAM, SHIPFLOW, to name a few.

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Upfront Optimization

Highly automated and convenient creation of design variants
Design Studies and Optimization

Design Studies and Optimization

CAESES comes with a set of embedded variation (e.g. DoE), and optimization strategies – ranging from single-objective strategies for fast and efficient studies, to more complex multi-objective techniques which are effective at conducting a global search of a highly non-linear design space containing many local minima and maxima.

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