CAESES Seminar in Shanghai

CAESES Seminar in Shanghai

CAESES Seminar in Shanghai

Last month from 21-22 of May 2018, NJTF and DNVGL jointly organized a CAESES marine seminar in Shanghai. Amazingly, 50 people from more than 20 companies participated in this seminar, coming from leading organizations such as

  • ZPMC,
  • China Merchant Group
  • Jiangnan Shipyard

The event focused on the design and optimization of ship hull forms and other flow-exposed marine components.

Many of the participants shared their CAESES experience with the audience. In particular, the institutes and companies 702, SDARI, Bestway, Waigaoqiao Shipyard and the Dalian University of Technology gave detailed insights into their engineering results that emerge from using CAESES.

Flowtech and SIEMENS also joined the seminar and gave expert presentations on CFD in the marine sector. NJTF presented the latest developments about AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications in the shipping industry and showed some examples.

On the second day of the event, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS gave a best-practice-training about twin skeg modeling using the efficient geometry modeling techniques of CAESES.

Thanks to all participants for joining – hope to see you soon again!


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