Simulation-Driven Circulator Pump Optimization

Simulation-Driven Circulator Pump Optimization

Simulation-Driven Circulator Pump Optimization

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As part of the European Union’s initiative to improve building efficiency, heating circulator pumps must adhere to stringent requirements, expressed by the so-called Energy Efficiency Index (EEI), in order to be sold in the EU market. The EEI is calculated by comparing the average power consumption of the circulator across a load profile against a predefined reference power input.

The EEI is not only determined by the hydraulic design of the pump, but also by the motor and the electronic controller. As these system components vary until late in product development, the hydraulic design needs to be done fast, late in the development process, so that it fits the power curves of the selected components.

The aim of the presented project was to develop an innovative workflow to fulfill these requirements, based on computing a large set of impeller design variants for multiple operating points and storing the obtained performance data in a surrogate model. This surrogate model can then be interrogated to enable a quick impeller selection in the final stages of the product development process.

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