CAESES® Free is a free version of the commercial CFD integration platform CAESES which has been developed for simulation-driven design of flow-exposed surfaces. It offers comprehensive parametric CAD functionality, CFD integration and post-processing features. Feel free to use this edition even for commercial work without any limitation!



Who should use CAESES® Free?

With this piece of software we address

  • Users of both open source and commercial CFD codes to bridge the gap between geometric modeling, geometry variation and CFD analysis
  • Developers of CFD tools and researchers in fluid dynamics to use CAESES® Free as their front end for code validation, result comparison and parametric studies of CFD settings and design variants
  • CFD consultants to utilize CAESES® Free as a convenient environment to showcase the product improvements they could achieve
  • CFD users to accelerate their CFD preprocessing tasks
  • Entrepreneurs to generate new business by developing parametric models, optimization set ups and automation features and, thus, position themselves as consultants to users of the pro edition CAESES/FFW
  • Anyone who is interested in parametric modeling for more complex free-form surfaces



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Why is it free?

CAESES® Free is a scaled-down version of CAESES, which helps us to collect a lot of amazing feedback. With this, we are able to continuously improve our products, and bring the spirit of simulation-driven design to a broader community. CAESES® Free allows you to set up innovative smart paramatric models, and based on such a model you can even generate up to 5 design variants per project, either manually or fully automated. This might give you a taste of the pro edition, which comes with unlimited automation and premium customer support.

Note that CAESES® Free project files (*.fdbc) cannot be opened in the pro edition CAESES – we offer a file conversion automatism for this purpose. For more information just get in touch with us.

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Commercial Use checked checked
Parametric Modeling checked checked
CFD Software Connections checked checked
CFD Preprocessing (such as Healing and STL Generation) checked checked
CFD Postprocessing checked checked
Parametric Blade Design checked checked
Free Form Deformations checked
Automated Geometry Variation checked
Optimization (Single-/Multi-Objective) and Charts checked
SSH Resource Manager (optional) checked
Batch Mode checked
Premium Support checked



Are you interested in CFD-based shape optimizations and comprehensive design studies? Then check out our flagship product CAESES which is based on CAESES Free, but additionally offers you amazing and easy-to-use functionality for CFD automation in the context of high-end engineering of flow exposed products.

And not to forget: Our premium support! We all know that time is money, and we have a super quick and friendly support which will tremendously speed up your design projects in CAESES!