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  2. Hi, I've a stl mesh of a hull. It took me 5 minutes to prep the geometry the way I wanted using Brep. Now I want to get a panel mesh on it for a NuShallo computation. Now here is the question: How do I to get FSurfaces on my Brep to feed a MeshEngine? Best regards Gunnar test.fdbc
  3. Cricket News said that the first ODI between Australia and India will be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground. This is the first time Australia has visited the Australian capital for a test match. Shane Warne warned that India will become the worst-hit host in the first test, and the first match opponent Will Pucovski said that this was his team’s achievement in Australia. The best opportunity for good results. The Cricket News also pointed out that India's Australia trip will mark the beginning of a new era in Indian cricket history and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the history of the sport. In the final cricket news, please imagine now that Kohli leads India 1-0 in Adelaide, where he scored a lot of points, but the same cannot be said for Pukowski's subsequent knockouts. Zaheer Khan once said that India must occupy Australia and shake it. You might say that good conditions helped the record-255 in the first ODI record of the Sydney Cricket Ground.
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  5. Dear Rohit, if by download you mean export, you can simply select the geometry objects you would like to export and choose File>Export> and from there choose the format you need. See below screenshot for a list of available formats (depending on your license the list may vary): Best regards, Heinrich
  6. HI Everyone, can anyone know, how I can download the CAD model which i made with Caeses software? please help me. have a great day.
  7. cricket game is the most difficult online game. Real cricket game 19 has a fairly complex gameplay and unlike stick cricket Premier League, this cricket game also requires you to play in the spirit of the game rather than just seeing the swing of a ball and hitting it on either side of your field. Although you may be tempted to take the glory shot with the ball, it is wise to keep it on the ground and play on the back foot so that you do not end up losing a basket. cricket game is a gentleman's game and you have to respect the umpires' decisions.
  8. What is IPL cricket test match? By contrast, Test matches of IPL cricket (also known as five-day cricket) are much longer, but no one can dispute the extension of IPL cricket. The T20 format makes cricket exciting and while IPL cricket Test cricket has become more results-oriented and exciting, the fast and fast-paced approach is having an impact on the two older formats.
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  10. Decide the role of cricket game player, and have much more fun! In a limited-overs cricket game, a batsman may be retained by the bat subject to the tactical decisions made during the cricket game team's innings and the special rules that go with them. The role of each cricket game player should be decided by the players at the beginning of the game and not by any other player.
  11. Maradona also loved IPL cricket ? The IPL cricket Twenty20 (T20) franchise cricket tournament is drawn from international sports leagues such as the English Premier League, football and the NBA. IPL cricket would be the first time Kabaddi has been seen as a professional league, largely a rural sport that, until a few years ago, rarely, if ever, made IPL cricket onto the sports pages of newspapers.
  12. Dear Zhen, in principle, yes. You could set up a second delta shift perpendicular to the first one and combine the two in a delta product. It would be way easier if you could just set up a fully parametric model. Or is there a specific reason why you need to start from an existing/imported trimesh? BR, Heinrich
  13. Hi Heinrich, I have a further question, is it possible to let the upper curve and lower curve deform differently? For example, let the upper curve deform with B-spline 1, and the lower curve deform with B-spline 2, where B-spline 1 and 2 are controlled by different design variables. Best, Zhen
  14. Hi Zhen, in this case, I recommend using a simple delta shift. I renamed your curves: source (red), target(green) and calculated the y-offset between the two: "difference (black)". Now you can set up a delta shift to transform your source based on difference --> this will make it match exactly with target. Voila. Best regards, Heinrich test_bspline_HvZ.fdb
  15. Hi Heinrich, Thanks for the reply, I have attached the project file (currently not working as expected). Best, Zhen test_bspline.fdb
  16. Dear Zhen, if you could attach your latest project file I am happy to take look. Best regards, Heinrich
  17. Hi, I am a beginner of CAESES, and I have a problem to design a FFD that can deform the geometry by following the deformation of a B-spline curve. The B-spline is basically the same shape as the curvy part of the geometry, we can deform the B-spline by shifting the control points of the B-spline, so it would be nice that the geometry can deform in the same way as the B-spline curve. I wonder how to make the geometry to follow the same deformation? I have attached a figure with geometry and the B-spline before and after deformation, an example of the fdb file would be highly appreciated, thanks for the help!
  18. What would you do when there is Lockdown in Delhi? IPL cricket can help! The Indian Premier League, IPL cricket, is home to some of the best cricketers ever to play cricket, including Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli and Jacques Kallis, to name a few. A lot of people will still take IPL cricket as a must during the lockdown in Delhi.
  19. Claus, Typical 2D section properties we use are like this in appropriate unit system of course: Area: 92357056.735 Perimeter: 36720.890 Bounding box: X: 1165.227 -- 17331.991 Y: -329.077 -- 11344.873 Centroid: X: 8420.303 Y: 5290.858 Moments of inertia: X: 3120718178929088 Y: 7513980514853601 Product of inertia: XY: 3959967613135844 Radius of gyration: X: 5812.892 Y: 9019.864 Principal moments and X-Y directions of centroid: I: 4.856E+14 along [0.952 -0.306] J: 1015503441212061 along [0.306 0.952] Thanks, Britt
  20. Hi Armagan, firstly, from a CFD viewpoint I'd recommend you to go for a cylindrical domain, especially if you are going to split it into just a segment. I'd probably just create a domain-segment of 120° and then substract the wind turbine from it via boolean op. BR, Heinrich
  21. Hello, I work on Three blade wind turbine. On three blade my mehing element reaches high number. Hence, I would like to do periodic boundary condition. I already have a flow enclosure as shown on the photo in the attachment. I would like turn my domain box model to periodic enclosure. Is there any short way to do this in Caeses or should I use boolean command after I designed my peiodic enclosure manually. Thank you in advance
  22. Hi Rull, what you see when extracting surfaces from a solid ( it doesn't matter if it's a Parasolid import, or any other NURBS-based format, such as IGES, STEP or just a solid modeled in CAESES) are the "underlying surfaces". A few explaining words: BRep is actually short for "boundary representation" and gives you a hint about what's happening here. Underlying NURBS surfaces + a set of boundary curves (along with some other information) define the final shape. This is very convenient since it allows trimming (and cutting holes, etc.) without actually having to reparameterize the surfaces. If you "ectract" them, you will see the complete surfaces... I didn't quite understand you question/problem about removing this face though. Maybe you can explain it again? Best regards, Heinrich
  23. Hi everyone ! Sorry for asking more questions. Can I know why this happen after I extract surfaces from parasolid? I have attached the picture before extract and after extract surface of parasolid for more understanding with my problem and how can I solve this problem? If I remove the back part one, it is will effect to the result ? Have nice day. Thank you. Sincerely, Rull
  24. I believe when you start up CAESES, there is an option for student license. Once you click that, you will be asked to upload proof of being a student. After a few hours to a day, they will give you a student license. This was how it was a year ago, so it might have changed.
  25. HI Britt, Do you have list of properties that you would like to see? Cheers Claus
  26. You can rename the project, take away the ~ and make sure the project is not opened by another instance of CAESES. Best regards Claus
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