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  2. when I try to open project, following error occurs : All CAESES projects in my computer and my colleague's have the same problem what should I do for this problem?
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  4. Rull


    Hi Ceyhan, I would like to perform optimization of the hull ship but got a problem on the geometry. May I know what do you mean by creating the whole geometry using parameters (fully parametric), can you explain more about this ? Then, I have done perform the tutorial about the free form deformation but I have problem on the path. It cannot detect the CAT_sym. I hope you can guide me to handle this problem. Thank you and have a nice day. Cheers Rull CAT_Sym01.X_T
  5. Hi, One feature I have been looking for (that I don't think is available) is to be able to retrieve sectional properties from a number of cross sections or planar surfaces. I am often doing structural analysis of hydrofoils and being able to retrieve sectional interia/torsion constant information and operate on them would be a huge help. https://github.com/robbievanleeuwen/section-properties is a potential option but I haven't had the time to try and integrate it myself. Looking forward to seeing what CAESES 4.5 has in store for us .. Britt
  6. Hi Armagan, Happy to hear that. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. Cheers Ceyhan
  7. Hi Rull, "_Transom" seems to be the geometry that you have imported. Can you please let me know what kind of optimization you would like to perform? For a shape optimization you have to have a parametrically defined geometry. Either you create the whole geometry using parameters (fully parametric) or you can use your existing non-parametric geometry using free form deformation (partial parametric). I will insist you to perform the tutorials first. Cheers Ceyhan
  8. Rull


    Hi Ceyhan, Thank you for replying. I will explain about my problem. I have import model in x.t file like the picture. Then, I try to make variable for optimization but on the tree object just mention transom only. I had watched the youtube about the tutorial how to make variable but I can't perform with this model. I hope you can guide me to handle this problem. Thank you and have a nice day. Cheers Rull
  9. Hello Ceyhan, Thank you for your reply. I solved this issue. I hope to see you for my following issue =)) Take care. Armagan
  10. Hello, I was wondering if there are any CAESES users who have successfully connected CAESES with Maxsurf Resistance through COM interface and have used the Slender Body method to calculate the calm water resistance of catamaran vessels. I am having issues with the panelmesh import, which is required in order to use the Slender Body method, and I was wondering if anyone has had similar issues or has any alternatives to the "panelmesh" way. Thanks in advance, Alex
  11. That is actually the case. If you use the result pool, exactly that happens. You can even define an epsilon (at the design variable) which will regard two variable values as "the same" within that range. If e.g. all design variables for a large structure are within 0.1 mm, you should probably not trigger the simulation .... the default is zero. Cheers Claus
  12. Depends a bit on your computer resources. If you can do many evaluations, it is fine. You can also try the Dakota surrogate models to save time and cpu-hours.
  13. HI Matthias, I would probably use a polycurve and assemble it from lines and curves depending on the individual needs of the particular region. Cheers Claus
  14. Hi Rull, Can you please clarify what you mean by "getting stuck to start the project"? Assuming this is the first time you are using CAESES, I would like to encourage you to perform the tutorials first. Cheers Ceyhan
  15. Hi Armagan, So I would assume, your geometry is received as various surface bodies instead of a single volumetric body in the Mesher. If you would like to we can have a web-meeting. Please send your request to erdem@friendship-systems.com letting me know when you may be available. Cheers Ceyhan
  16. Hello, I try to connect CAESES with ANSYS meshing as shown in the attachment. Although I see my model as solid on Spaceclaim, it cannot be defined as solid in meshing part. As a result of surface mesh, I cannot mesh my model. How can I solve this issue? Many thanks
  17. Rull


    Hi everyone! Can someone guide me how to make variable for optimization please. I have done import parasolid and after that i'm getting stuck to start the project. Thank you. Have a nice day. Cheers Rull
  18. Hi everyone, I coupled CAESES and Starccm+. I'm trying a cycle out. As you can see on screenshot, it says n/a for "eval_coeff"; but when i click on created design, i can see the value on the left side. It does not count in the "eval_coeff" value when making evaluation. How can I overcome this problem? Any idea?
  19. There's only this one option or a blank page, behaviour does not change whether i make screenshots during Sobol or afterwards.Fresh project, only clicks were Open Sample > Optimization > select parameters > new screenshot method > Selecting 3DView > Preview works > 5 iterations > Run.
  20. Dear Matheus, I guess it's fine to post them in the misc area. Regarding the Design Viewer: have you checked that you are looking at the right results table (see Screenshot)? Cheers, Heinrich
  21. Thanks a lot! That's great to know CAESES never stops improving :) Regarding questions about tutorials, should i just post them here in Miscellaneous or do you have any better-suited alternatives? I'm struggling with the screenshot collection, it never shows up at the design viewer even though the preview looks fine.
  22. Dear Matheus, you are absolutely right. Indeed, complex models can benefit a lot from parallel computing. Unfortunately, up to the latest CAESES 4.x no such option is available (except for the settings referring to multiple external tools running in parallel during an optimization that you mentioned). However, one of the mayor changes of our upcoming release CAESES 5, is in fact the full parallelization. If you are particularly interested in this feature you can stay tuned via our newsletter here: https://www.caeses.com/news/newsletter/ P.S: Often times it makes sense to take a closer look at what particular part of your geometry slows down the update -- you can use the profiler (go to help > start profiling, then trigger a model refresh, i.e. by changing a design variable and then go to help > stop profiling) to get statistics of the most time consuming objects in your model. Cheers, Heinrich
  23. Title, is it possible? I'm noticing changing design variables only hits a single core, which leads to waits of up to 15 seconds while re-rendering the surface with a modern (2019) system. I've noticed the "number or processes" option in settings but it doesn't seemingly change performance(even though i make sure not to increase it above my six-core capabilities). Thanks in advance. EDIT: There was an error within my parameters which slowed the re-rendering a lot, it's back to being almost instantaneous. Still, the question about multi-core workloads remain, as i'm just in the tutorials and imagine more complex structures might benefit from it.
  24. Dear Mr. Luyu, you can use the attached feature for this. Kind regards, Heinrich importIges.fdf
  25. Hi Christian, I am not sure if I understtod right, I only need to reinstall Caeses and openfoam and when reinstalling run both installers with admin rights, yes?
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