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  2. Hi Armagan, I will strongly suggest you to upgrade CAESES to 4.4.2 or 5.0.5. Please find attached the updated CAESES Workbench App, which is included in CAESES5 installation. Yes, you should be able to use your current CAESES version however. Cheers Ceyhan CAESES_Workbench_App.wbex
  3. Hello Ceyhan, Thank you for your quick reply. I use Caeses version 4.4.1. Can I follow same steps for version 4 also? Best Regards
  4. Hi Armagan, In contrary to DesignModeler, while using the current version of CAESES Workbench App, it is not possible to keep the record of the user performed actions in SpaceClaim. However I can suggest two workarounds. Either you can use DesignModeler or you can create your own SpaceClaim script and provide it to CAESES Geo Engine. Please check the attached picture. Please be sure that you are using the latest version of CAESES Workbench App that is included inside CAESES binary. <CAESES5 installation Dir>/etc/ansys/ Please let me know this resolves your problem. Cheers Ceyhan
  5. Hello, I would like to ask a question about Caeses-Ansys connection in Ansys Workbench. Can I create an enclosure and Body of Influence geometries on Spaceclaim? and Can I use enclosure and BOI which they are created in spaceclaim for optimization process? Best Regards
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  8. Hi Claus, is it possible to make a step model of impeller.fdb? Because I'm not familiar enough with Caeses to do that. Aleksander
  9. Hi Ceyhan, thank you for your interest. I created my own executable batch file and everything works perfectly. Cheers Lucie
  10. Hi Lucie, Were you able to perform the connection with Flow 3D? Do you still need help? Cheers Ceyhan
  11. Ok first of all thanks a lot for your responses. What I was doing wrong, is that I wasn't exporting the whole project script, and I was trying to export just a specific scope script, so obviously this produced the aforementioned errors. Also, a valid CAD format must be exported as well. Anyway thanks again for helping me.
  12. Please ensure your export folder has the correct setting as shown in my first screenshot from monday. Furthermore, you could have a closer look what is exported by Caeses when updating a parameter in this file path:
  13. If I try to manually import the CAD file as a .sat for example, it gets imported but then it won't update if I change a CAESES variable in the parameter panel, which is why I'm using CAESES in the first place.
  14. I assume the first part of the error message "Error: No compatible interface found for this file type" refers to the exported file type. Please try different file types like .stl, .step, .sat and so on
  15. Ok, so I tried reinstalling the extension and now this error stop showing and everything loads normal. But when I open Design Modeler, the imported geometry has an error (image 1) and the error is the one in image 2. Again, thanks a lot for your time.
  16. Hello Mr. Wenzke, the video "Adding a bulbous bow to ship without bulb" uses a curve generated from a image surface, command Features/ HullDesign/isomapping is from latest Caeses version? I don't see this in my GUI.
  17. Hi, the CAESES-file and the workbench do not have to be in the same directory. To check if the DesignModeler receives a geometry, just open it. By updating the CAESES module in the workbench, the FSC-File opens CAESES, exports the geometry and so on. You do not have to deal with other exports than your FSC-file. My screenshot above originates from CAESES. Please check the folder you want to export, its content and the names as shown in the screenshot. In case you did not read it so far, CAESES provides a perfect and detailed manual how to achieve your objective: Best wishes Bastian
  18. Hi, thanks for your response. In workbench I only import the .fsc file. And the name is "duct.fsc", I don't know where the name "whole_part" comes from. It there a chance it might be a directory issue? Should the workbench directory be in the same one as the CAESES? But I've I tried this option and the error keeps popping up. In the image from workbench below, it seems that Design Modeler fails to read a valid CAD model. Should I export a .iges, .stp or another CAD file with the .fsc file as well? Or is just the .fsc file enough, and the CAESES module does the rest. Thanks again.
  19. Hey, have you checked if your desired geometry is imported correctly in DesignModeler? It is important that your part name has the correct ending. For example if you export a sat-file, name it "whole_part.sat" as shown in the screenshot below. Furthermore, give it a try without an underscore in the name. Best wishes Bastian
  20. Hello, I'm trying to do a duct shape optimization by coupling a CAESES parametric model with the ANSYS ICEM and CFX components. For that, I generate a simple parametric duct in CAESES and export the .fsc file, but when I try to import it in the CAESES ACT Extension and click update, I get the following error (see attached image). However, the ANSYS Geometry tile in the CAESES module is ticked, despite not having a geometry when I open it (second image). Any help on what may cause this problem would be appreciated.
  21. Hello dear Heinrich, I am trying to follow your video of Bulbous bow modeling, but in my Caeses version I can't find Features/ HullDesign/isomapping.

    Could you indicate me what is the new command for It  in Caeses 4.3.1 please? Is  there a document relating other commands that has change also?

    Best regards,



    1. Mr. Heinrich von Zadow

      Mr. Heinrich von Zadow

      Dear Alros,

      we don't ship the feature within the default installation package of CAESES. It was just something I put together a while ago for demonstration purposes. I attached it here.

      I recommend you try out the new BRep Morphing in CAESES5 -- it does a very similar thing to what is shown in the video, but should be much more flexible and powerful. There will also be a webinar very soon on the subject which you might want to sign up for:




  22. Hi Claus, I already did send this question to FlowScience bud I´m waiting for the answer for some time, so I´m just trying other options. Best regards, Lucie
  23. Dear Lucie, I guess it is best to ask FlowScience for assistance how to run Flow-3D in batch mode .... Best regards Claus
  24. Hi Farzam, I´m also trying to connect CAESES and FLOW-3D and I have problem with creating executable batch file. I assume that in the end you managed to connect CAESES and FLOW-3D. Could you upload sample of executable file for us who got lost in the process, please? 🙂 Thanks for help, Lucie
  25. Dear Heinrich Thanks for your reply and your correction. I will try to play with it to get the variable fillet and let you know if it works
  26. Dear Chien, the position value is parametric. I modified the input surfaces for your blade such that now (0=start, 1=end and anything in between depends on the internal parametrization of your input surfaces, i.e. knot vector, control points, degree, etc...). Practically, in most cases you would need to know your leading edge position (now 0.5) and you can simply find out which side is suction and pressure by trial and error. I recommend that you move the hub seam out of the way (by adding 180° to the start and end of the hub contour). Also the trailing edge doesn't look ideal. I increased the tangent factors of the underlying fillet surface as a simple fix: Not sure if it makes a difference in this case, but please note, that I used the new 5.0.4 release. Unfortunately I couldn't get the variable fillet to work right away, either. I will try to find some time to take a closer look. Cheers, Heinrich propeller.cdbc
  27. Dear Heinrich and Paulo Thanks so much for your answer, I upload my project here. if i just create 1 fillet radius (60) with fillet edge, it works very well. Now I would like to create one fillet radius 50 at Pitch side and 60 at Back side. I tried but it did not work Beside, could you explain the meaning of position value, I understood that it should be from 0 to 1, but what is the position of 0 and 1 Thank you so much propeller.cdbc
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