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  2. Hi Jan, I don't think there is an option in CAESES to adjust the sensitivity of the zoom. Maybe you can look into the driver/settings of your mouse? Anything else in your setup that might cause the problem (particularly high resolution display, remote desktop, etc)? How does it feel if you hold down ctrl and use the right mouse button while moving the mouse up and down? Cheers, Heinrich
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  6. Hi Johannes, thanks for the reply. But that's not what I meant. I mean zooming in/out when interacting with the model in the 3DView window. Best regards, Jan
  7. Hello Johannes I still can't solve it after trying the method you mentioned. Are there any other methods I can try? The current situation is still the same as in the picture. Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  8. Hello Yukai, It seems that your 3DView window is not appearing in the center console. One way to troubleshoot this issue is to close it and open it again via right-clicking on the grey navigation bar on the left side and selecting 3DView. If this doesn't help, you can close it again and navigate to the GUI menu via the main menu in the left top corner and then select GUI in the top blue ribbon. There, you should find the option "GUI Layout". Click on it and select "cefault" to reset your GUI layout to the default settings. Sometimes windows can get lost when accidentally detaching them from the main window or when switching to new display setups. I hope this helped. If not, don't hesitate to ask further questions. Best regards, Johannes
  9. Hello! After I open my model in 3Dview, it shows that it is open but I cannot see the model. The mouse also displays information about objects Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  10. Hi JanK, I don't know how to adjust the sensitivity from your middle mouse button in CAESES, but you can manually click on "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" in the top ribbon when navigating to the GUI menu inside the main menu. I hope that helps, Best regards, Johannes
  11. Hi, is there any possibility to adjust the sensitivity when zooming in/out with the mouse wheel? On my Linux machine (Ubuntu 22.04) it is extreme sensitive which makes zooming with the wheel no usable. Best regards, Jan
  12. Hi Ceyhan, Sincerely thank you for your reply, I carefully looked at the model you sent me and re-set it as you suggested, it was of great help. Cheers sisi
  13. Hi, when I connect with .java and starccm+, I get an error after running it. I checked the file location of starccm+ and there is no problem. I also tried the second approach, replace LocalApplication_executable with a .bat, the details are as in the picture, and after clicking run, he will stop at this start starccm+ server step, and continue to run without ending the program, and there is no error reported. How to solve this problem?
  14. Hi Sisi, I have sent you back your revised model. There were several errors in your setup. Also you did not even use the feature that I have provided earlier. I will suggest you to go over the Workbench Connection Tutorial in detail and in case you are using 2D geometry, utilize the feature definition I have provided earlier. Cheers Ceyhan
  15. Hi again, I have completed the update on the revised file for the tip geometry, which now encompasses the entire propeller. Additionally, I've incorporated parameters such as propeller diameter and the number of blades to ensure its proper functionality. Please find attached the aforementioned file for your review. Best Regards, Andreas propellerTipRevNew.cdbc
  16. Thank you! One more issue though, when I try to create a propeller with this blade as an input, the blades on the propeller are missing the tip. What do I need to fix this?
  17. Hi, Attached is a revised version of your project with the correct tip geometry. The changes I made involve setting the camber close to the tip region to zero. This adjustment addresses inconsistencies in tip geometry and does not significantly impact performance, as is common practice in propeller design. I also included the trailing edge (TE) surface, as required by the NACA geometry used for the curve engine. Given that the engine has an open TE, the blade surface needs to be closed with a TE surface for proper alignment. In summary, I followed the propeller sample workflow to ensure accuracy and adherence to design standards. Best Regards, Andreas propellerTipRev.cdbc
  18. Hi Ceyhan, I will send an email to your email as soon as possible. Thanks for your answer. Cheers sisi
  19. Hi Sisi, There must be an error in your setup. Can you please provide me your Caeses project file, fsc file together with your Ansys project file. You can send them to erdem@friendship-systems.com. Cheers Ceyhan
  20. Hi Ceyhan, I'm sorry to bother you again. I still have problems with parameter updates. At the moment, I can change the parameters from DP0 in the workbench parameter set, and the model changes in the DM as well. But when I update the design points DP1, DP2, DP3...... , there will be no changes to the model in the DM (picture1). I've changed some settings about DM, but it's still not going well. Also, for some reason, in DM, the parameter bar is blank(picture3). Earlier when I used solidworks to import a parametric model, I needed to tick the parameters in the DM. I hope you will be able to help me with this. The following images may help.
  21. I reduced the maximum radius of my blade to 0.95 and then adding the propeller tip as the official guide suggests, but I ended up with this weird folded geometry for me at the tip. I played around with the maximum radius with no change, so I'm not sure what's causing it. Does anyone know how to fix this? Here are some pictures of the weird tip geometry; I also attached my project file below. propeller.cdbc
  22. Hi Sisi, Glad that it worked. Please remember that due to changes in design, your BRep Edge numbers may change as well. Creating an inconsistency and hence failure to assign a color. You can use the attached simple Feature Definition where the user is expected to add the edges that will create the 2D geometry as input. Please assign the colors to the edges before adding to the list. The fature then will create a BRep using the provided edges and then assign those colors to the corresponding BRep edges. Cheers Ceyhan 2D_boundaries_forNamedSelection.fdf
  23. Hi Ceyhan, Thank you very much for your answer, my switch to DM did work and now I can do 2D automated solving. Cheers sisi
  24. Hi Cui, I was referring to trim the pointy tip which seems to be still there. I will suggest you to move to Caeses v5. You may have some errors which can be worked to make it compatible with v5. Cheers Ceyhan
  25. Hi SIsi, I will suggest you to use DesignModeler in case you have a 2D body with assigned colors to the BRep. However if you are using SpaceClaim, the procedure is more complex requiring you to use a Feaure created in Caeses. I still need to work on the SpaceClaim code to make it work with 2D boundaries. Cheers Ceyhan
  26. Hello, I would like to know how you solve this problem. My 2D model import to workbench does not include the named selection.
  27. Hi everybody, I can't pass the boundary conditions of a 2D model to Ansys Workbench SCDM, even though I've defined inlets, walls, outlets with colors and imported Workbench by ACT APP.
  28. Also, if you upgrade to version 5, will it cause the previously stored .fbdc files to not be opened for operation. This has happened when my friend operated it.
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