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  2. This is helpful, thanks for sharing.
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  4. Hello everyone, I'm a beginner in CAESES Friendship. I wanted to do some of the tutorials, but when I've opened my 3DWindow, it has 2 massive black stripes at the middle, like in the printscreen below. How do I fix it? Best regards, Carlos
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  7. About 99% of the memory is occupied when running an optimization with software connections, and the computer memory is 64G. This is really strange. Could anyone tell me know why? Sincerely, Min
  8. Greetings everyone. I have just discovered the feature lines plan in CAESES but I didn't have the hang of it yet. Have anyone tried and successfully export lines plan from the feature? Would appreciate if any of you could demonstrate on the steps to set. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, Have you toggled any of those filters? To fit your view, right mouse button and: Best wishes Bastian
  10. Good morning, I have a visualization issue with Caeses. The software opens and works normally, except that it is not possible to see any of the lines, or point nor models, even if I import them. At first, I though it was a simple setting detail although, until now nothing is working for me. I wonder if any of you have faced a similar problem and can share the solution. I am sharing some screenshots of what is happening, in case I did not make a clear explanation. Thanks you in advance, Best regards CJB
  11. Without being aware of your exact plan, would it be a sufficient workaround to substract a cylinder by means of a boolean operation?
  12. Hi Assiouras, it's quite simple: fdb is the file format of the CAESES4.x and older releases, while cdb is the current format of CAESES5.x. There is no backwards compatibility (you can open an fdb in CAESES5 and save it as cdb, but not the other way around), hence the different file type. In addition, anything with an additional "c" indicates a non-commercial license and therefore cannot be opened with a commercial license. Best regards, Heinrich
  13. Hello, I want to use CAESES in batch mode (CAD generator) so as to optimize a geometry. I read the open topic but I am a bit confused. Can someone told me which is the difference between .fdb and .cdbc files, cause I can not find a way to export as .fdb my project. In addition, the difference of .fdbc and .cdbc with .fdb and .cdb is about the license type ? Thanks a lot in advance! Regards, Nikolas.
  14. I want to dig a hole on a sphere to form a connected area, but I find that CAESES does not seem to have this function?
  15. Hey thanks for the super helpful reply. I'm not sure how I missed that thread. I haven't quite mastered the search function on here. The Information you shared above is great. I have been reading all you shared here. In this you explained everything very well. Thanks I am going to bookmark this https://www.caeses.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1354-new-propeller-florida-lottery-results/.
  16. Anyone have solution of my problem. Kindly guide me here https://www.caeses.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1345-creating-enclosure-and-boi-in-spaceclaim/&_fromLogin=1-844-area-code.
  17. I have been seen this which you shared here. I have been same question here. i am going to bookmark this thread to see the discussion here https://www.caeses.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1345-creating-enclosure-and-boi-in-spaceclaim/&_fromLogin=1-reviews.
  18. Thanks For Sharing Your Question For More Information Visit Our Website LINUX TRAINING
  19. Hello, Thank you so much for your help. Best Regards
  20. Hi Armagan, I took a look at the project. From what I could see, the solid blade was not generated correctly. I adjusted a few settings as follows: From there it looks as as if everything works well and you get the correct flow domain: Cheers, Heinrich WindTurbineAE.cdbc
  21. Hello Mr. Heinrich, I hope you are well. Thank you for your quick reply. I am sharing my model below. Best Regards WindTurbineAE.fdbc
  22. Dear Armagan, generally speaking, CAESES 5 offers backwards compatibility -- you should be able to open files from CAESES 4, but not the other way around. However, there have been some changes to Feature Definitions and also to the CAD Kernel which might needs some small adjustments in the projects to make it work in CAESES 5. If you can share the project, I could take a look. Best regards, Heinrich
  23. Hello, I would like to ask version 5 and version 4 file matching. I try to import file to Caeses v5 which is exported from Caeses v4. But, some faces disappear. Do I need to change any settings to fix it? Best Regards
  24. Hello Ceyhan, It works. Thank you very much Best Regards
  25. Here is the fix for the "Units xml file not found" problem if anyone encounters; Seems like there is a certain bug in Ansys only observed on certain machines after installing a new ANSYS version; Please go to the folder; C:\Users\ <user name> \AppData\Roaming\Ansys\ <ANSYS version> \UnitSystems in my case the ANSYS version was v212 There you have to modify the file Ans.Units.config Please search for the entry; <UnitSystem Name="CAESES_units" DisplayName="CAESES units" BaseUnitSystem="SI" FileNamePath="C:\Users\erdem\AppData\Roaming\Ansys\v212\UnitSystems\UnitSystem_CAESES_units.xml" IsSuppressed="false" /> and delete it. Afterwards please save the file. You have to perform this once. Due to a bug this issue is creating a problem, when a new ANSYS version is installed. Afterwards CAESES_Workbench_App should be working just fine
  26. Hi Mr Claus, Actually the objective is to keep constant displacement and to get minimum resistance. I expect that the optimum hull should be more smaller and tapered at the forward part, and a bit bigger at aft part. But what i get after optimize is not as expected and every geometry after optimize is not have significant different from the existing hull. Here i attached the comparison of existing and optimum hull. The yellow line is the optimum hull.
  27. Hi Atiyah, Short question, why would you want to keep the wetted surface area? Best regards Claus
  28. Greetings. I really seek for your guidance. Currently, I'm doing my degree final year project. I need to optimize the hull form to get low resistance without changing the displacement and wetted surface area. I already optimized my geometry to get the best minimum coefficient resistance. I need to maintain the displacement and wetted surface area for the geometry. I use the lackenby method. But, after optimizing the geometry, I achieved the minimum total resistance, but the new hull I obtained had a higher displacement and wetted surface, compared to the original hull form. How can I optimize without any changes to displacement? I hope someone can help me.
  29. Hi Gabriel, ANSYS DesignModeler can be quite picky sometimes. I believe there exists some degenerated faces causing the issue. Maybe you can let me know when you may have some time for a quick web-meeting, so that I can give a look to the geometry. To be honest, there is no magical command that would pin point the problematic location. What you can do is, to check each operation one by one and keeping an eye on the BRep warning icon. Most probably the operation where the warning icon appears, is the cause of the problem and we should be looking around that area. Please send an email to erdem@friendship-systems.com specifying your availability. Preferably after 1pm CET. Cheers Ceyhan
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