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  1. Hi Etienne, I need a bit of clarification. Are all your displayed surfaces shown in red color or only the selected surfaces by you are showing this behaviour? Cheers Ceyhan
  2. Hi Rizuan, On our webpage please go to Support > "Your Licenses" Once logged in, please check the status of your license. By clicking on the manage button on the right side, you may have the option to release a hanged webfloat slot. Please let me know if this resolves your problems. Cheers Ceyhan
  3. Hi Carlos, On our webpage please go to Support > Helpdesk. Or you can reach it directly through "https://helpdesk.caeses.com" Alternatively, once you start using Caeses 5, you can reach the Helpdesk directly through the Caeses gui. Cheers Ceyhan
  4. Hi Carlos, That does not look nice. Can you please try to restart Caeses. Please create a ticket in the Helpdesk with regards to your Caeses 5 problem. We can try to figure out the problem and take some measures if need to be. I strongly advice you to use Caeses 5. Cheers Ceyhan
  5. Hi Nuttarat, Can you please let me know your availability so that we can arrange a web-meeting and I can check your setup. You can write to erdem@friendship-systems.com Please take into consideration that we are locate at Central European Time Zone. Cheers Ceyhan
  6. By the way, I have just figured that you are using Caeses4. Is there any specific reason for that? In your case, I guess the path should be View > New > 3D Window Cheers Ceyhan
  7. Hi Carlos, On the side bar please please click the top button and then follow the steps; View > New > 3D Window In the opened menu, please select "Save in User Configuration" and click "Execurte". This will open a 3DWindow and enable Caeses to load the new 3DWindow whenever Caeses loads. Please let me know if this resolves your problem. Cheers Ceyhan
  8. HI Winson Du, As mentioned on an earlier post of yours, please connect "ANSYS Geometry" to "Mesh" component within Fluid Flow not "CAESES Geometry" to "Geometry". Please check the tutorial with regards to CAESES Workbench App. Cheers Ceyhan
  9. Hi Winson, I will recommend you checking the "CAESES Geo Engine for ANSYS Workbench" tutorial under Help>Tutorials>Software Connection where every detail is described. Basically the CAESES Geometry Task is connected to ANSYS Geometry where the Named Selection creation process is performed. Then you can connect the ANSYS Geometry with any downstream consumers. Cheers Ceyhan
  10. Hi AlexisNav, I will recommend to check the tutorials with regards to Software Connection within CAESES. Locating a script file inside the "Input Files" quarter does not necessarily run it unless it is specified within your executable. Once you go over the tutorial files, please let me know if your problem is still unresolved. Cheers Ceyhan
  11. Hi Lasse, Great. Please let me know in case the issue is not resolved then. Cheers Ceyhan
  12. Hi Lasse, Would you like to have a quick web-meeting? Tomorrow I will be available after 1pm (CET). You can share your screen and it would be easier for me to understand the question and resolve it. Please send an email to me (erdem@friendship-systems.com) mentioning when you may be available. Cheers Ceyhan
  13. Hi Lasse, What you are performing is creating a surface by sweeping a profile all through a path. The red curve that you are visualizing(parallel to the path) , I believe, is due to the start/end location of your profile/s. In a surface you should have 4 main edges and the red curve is in fact of the main edges that define the surface. The other ones are the start and the end profiles(relocated). Please let me know if you need further assistance. Cheers Ceyhan
  14. Hi Nikolas, 1) I can suggest you a work-around; Please check the attached pictures and project; What I have performed is creating a BRep out of the entire exported geometry and then to each BRep I have added an "Remove Faces" operation where I kept only the specified colored surfaces. I have disabled the scope export line inside the fsc file and then included a few lines for the export of the specific surfaces. Please let me know if this resolves your problem. 2) Can you please be more specific about the "cracked" file? Do you refer to the main stl file within which exists the data of the other extracted stl files? Cheers Ceyhan axialfan_sample.cdb
  15. Hi Nikolas, The naming for the "STL (Extract Colors)" export should be as follows; <base name provided for exported stl>+"_"+<color name>+".stl" In the example provided, I gave a name "fanExported.stl". So the base name would be "fanExported" For the blades, during the blade creation process I have assigned a user created color with a name "w_blades" As a result the stl file for the blades ends up being "fanExported_w_blades.stl" To conclude, if you would like to change the stl file names for the exported geometry, one has to modify the assigned color names. I think the Tutorial; Geometry Modelling > BRep and Solids refers to color assignment to operations. Please let me know if you have further questions. Cheers Ceyhan
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