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  1. Hi Armagan, Sorry for the late respond. Please check the feature definition you use for the "Curve Engine" definition. The feature definition called "ProfileRead" serves only to read a point cloud and provide you an interpolation curve as a result. You are not changing anything afterwards. With respect to the code you are trying to create a surface out of a set of multiple profiles located at the same location. Although you have arguments like camber, camber position, pitch and path, it seems like you are using none. I highly recommend you to check the basic CAESES tutorials with regards to Meta Surface creation and Curve Engine. Cheers Ceyhan
  2. Hi Gabriel, Maybe using fv_all() command would be a better alternative. Please check the picture below; Basically, the fv_all command provides an objectlist. MyCurve.fv_all(0,myPoint:x) The command is applied to a curve. The first argument "0" refers to x-axis The second argument refers to the value on the selected axis. So result will be a list of points that have the same coordinate component value in the referred axis. As seen on the picture above, the curve would have two locations with the same x-coordinate value. Using "at(1)" I pick the second item within the objectlist (0 would be used to pick the first one). And finally I cast the entity to a FVector3 type object. Please let me know if you need further assistance. Cheers Ceyhan
  3. Hi Caramon0, Can you please provide me more details? Are you using the CAESES Workbench App? Maybe some pictures would be helpful as well. Cheers Ceyhan
  4. Hi Armagan, I will strongly suggest you to upgrade CAESES to 4.4.2 or 5.0.5. Please find attached the updated CAESES Workbench App, which is included in CAESES5 installation. Yes, you should be able to use your current CAESES version however. Cheers Ceyhan CAESES_Workbench_App.wbex
  5. Hi Armagan, In contrary to DesignModeler, while using the current version of CAESES Workbench App, it is not possible to keep the record of the user performed actions in SpaceClaim. However I can suggest two workarounds. Either you can use DesignModeler or you can create your own SpaceClaim script and provide it to CAESES Geo Engine. Please check the attached picture. Please be sure that you are using the latest version of CAESES Workbench App that is included inside CAESES binary. <CAESES5 installation Dir>/etc/ansys/ Please let me know this resolves your problem. Cheers Ceyhan
  6. Hi Lucie, Were you able to perform the connection with Flow 3D? Do you still need help? Cheers Ceyhan
  7. Hi Armagan, Happy to hear that. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. Cheers Ceyhan
  8. Hi Rull, "_Transom" seems to be the geometry that you have imported. Can you please let me know what kind of optimization you would like to perform? For a shape optimization you have to have a parametrically defined geometry. Either you create the whole geometry using parameters (fully parametric) or you can use your existing non-parametric geometry using free form deformation (partial parametric). I will insist you to perform the tutorials first. Cheers Ceyhan
  9. Hi Rull, Can you please clarify what you mean by "getting stuck to start the project"? Assuming this is the first time you are using CAESES, I would like to encourage you to perform the tutorials first. Cheers Ceyhan
  10. Hi Armagan, So I would assume, your geometry is received as various surface bodies instead of a single volumetric body in the Mesher. If you would like to we can have a web-meeting. Please send your request to erdem@friendship-systems.com letting me know when you may be available. Cheers Ceyhan
  11. Hi Mlysyshyn, I am waiting for some feedback from the CFDSupport guys. Meanwhile I would suggest you to use the solution that I have provided you earlier. Cheers Ceyhan
  12. Hi Mlysyshyn, For sure you can do that as well. Will create the new configuration and send it once I have some time today. Cheers Ceyhan
  13. Hi Mlysyshyn, Please find attached the modified version. Some modifications I have performed; 1) Within the Runner for the "Local Application" I have selected the AllRun.bat which I have created. Please note that I am not using any arguments. 2) The RunAll.bat executable includes commands within the "C:\OpenFOAM\19.10\cygwin64\Cygwin.bat" executable (lines 4-9) and the path to my script file which is the AllRun.sh (line 9) 3) Finally made a little modification to the script file. The final configuration seems to be working but didn't pay attention to the OpenFoam setup. Cheers Ceyhan Sduct_with_openfoam_2_FSYS.fdbc
  14. Hi Mlysyshyn, sorry for the late answer, I will check your model tomorrow and will write you as soon as I find the problem. Cheers Ceyhan
  15. Hi Mlysyshyn, Can you please share your project file if it is not confidential? You can also send it to erdem@friendship-systems.com so that I can give a look at your SoftwareConnector setup. Cheers Ceyhan
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