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  1. Hi Lucie, Were you able to perform the connection with Flow 3D? Do you still need help? Cheers Ceyhan
  2. Hi Armagan, Happy to hear that. Please let me know if you encounter any problems. Cheers Ceyhan
  3. Hi Rull, "_Transom" seems to be the geometry that you have imported. Can you please let me know what kind of optimization you would like to perform? For a shape optimization you have to have a parametrically defined geometry. Either you create the whole geometry using parameters (fully parametric) or you can use your existing non-parametric geometry using free form deformation (partial parametric). I will insist you to perform the tutorials first. Cheers Ceyhan
  4. Hi Rull, Can you please clarify what you mean by "getting stuck to start the project"? Assuming this is the first time you are using CAESES, I would like to encourage you to perform the tutorials first. Cheers Ceyhan
  5. Hi Armagan, So I would assume, your geometry is received as various surface bodies instead of a single volumetric body in the Mesher. If you would like to we can have a web-meeting. Please send your request to erdem@friendship-systems.com letting me know when you may be available. Cheers Ceyhan
  6. Hi Mlysyshyn, I am waiting for some feedback from the CFDSupport guys. Meanwhile I would suggest you to use the solution that I have provided you earlier. Cheers Ceyhan
  7. Hi Mlysyshyn, For sure you can do that as well. Will create the new configuration and send it once I have some time today. Cheers Ceyhan
  8. Hi Mlysyshyn, Please find attached the modified version. Some modifications I have performed; 1) Within the Runner for the "Local Application" I have selected the AllRun.bat which I have created. Please note that I am not using any arguments. 2) The RunAll.bat executable includes commands within the "C:\OpenFOAM\19.10\cygwin64\Cygwin.bat" executable (lines 4-9) and the path to my script file which is the AllRun.sh (line 9) 3) Finally made a little modification to the script file. The final configuration seems to be working but didn't pay attention to the OpenFoam setup. Cheers Ceyhan Sduct_with_openfoam_2_FSYS.fdbc
  9. Hi Mlysyshyn, sorry for the late answer, I will check your model tomorrow and will write you as soon as I find the problem. Cheers Ceyhan
  10. Hi Mlysyshyn, Can you please share your project file if it is not confidential? You can also send it to erdem@friendship-systems.com so that I can give a look at your SoftwareConnector setup. Cheers Ceyhan
  11. Hi Elena, Sure feel free to ask any related questions. In case you need a web-meeting please send an email to erdem@friendship-systems.com, defining your questions as well. Yes, you have to create manually the *.bat file. Just create an empty file and change its extension to .bat. Cheers Ceyhan
  12. Hi Mlysyshyn, I can see that the files are are moved to their related locations. Can you please share any console output? Or some OpenFoam logs where the problem can be tracked? Cheers Ceyhan
  13. Hi Elena, As mentioned earlier when the ACT App is used CAESES only acts as a parametric geometry provider for ANSYS Workbench. Hence you cannot benefit from the CAESES optimization tools but have to rely on the ANSYS Optimization/ANSYS optiSLang. The connections among the ANSYS tools within Workbench is quite straightforward by just linking the related components however you would have some little issue when you would like to include some non-ANSYS tools unless you write your own app. When you use CAESES Software Connector, you have the capability to link every tool, in case they support scripting. Coming to your questions; 1) You have to keep in mind that when you are running an optimization/DoE, each time a new design folder is created including the files in your Software Connector. So let's say CAESES is working on the design# 142. The CAD geometry and all the scripts related need to be located to the specific folder. The scripts where your local path is mentioned has to be made dynamic by getResultsDir()/getDesignDir(), etc.. so that each time CAESES copies the script file to the new design folder, the paths are updated. You do not have to make the ANSYS installation path as dynamic since it does not change from design to design. But sometimes is useful when you would like to use your CAESES project on another computer. So by just changing once the path you will be able to update your script on several locations, if any. 2) As mentioned on item 1, as a must you have to update your relative paths. Do not forget that the way CAESES links the Softwares is through scripts. The Computer or the Softwares would not know where the files they are looking for are unless it is explicitly mentioned within the scripts. 3) You just would need one script/journal file for ICEM CFD that includes all the commands necessary to build your mesh. You can create the necessary file within ICEM CFD automatically. 4) *.bat file is a windows batch file containing windows/dos commands however *.sh file is a unix shell script file that contains a series of unix commands. If your operating system is Windows, your main batch file that includes all the commands to run the tools should be a *.bat file. And in the case of Linux, it should be *.sh. 5) Within the menu of your optimization engine, you can include your desired objective functions under Evaluations. Cheers Ceyhan
  14. Hi Elena, The ACT App serves to bring CAESES as a parametric geometry provider into the ANSYS Workbench platform. By using the tool, one can get, besides the geometry, the parameter set and the boundary names defined in CAESES. In this case, ANSYS Workbench is the platform that controls the workflow. However when you use the scripts in CAESES, through Software Connector, then CAESES becomes the platform that controls the workflow and the Meshing tools or the CFD/FEM analysis tools would work standalone either in batch or with gui. Can you please let me know in more detail, what kind of problems you are facing? We can also have a quick web-meeting so that you can share your screen. Cheers Ceyhan
  15. Hi Armagan, Your fsc file seems to be with no problem. I would like you to check, 1) if the path mentioned on the second line is still correct. Please be sure that your fdb/fdbc file is still at the same location. If not either recreate an fsc file or just change the path. 2) if your license allows you import acis file. You can easily check this by trying to import an acis(sat) file in DesignModeler or SpaceClaim. 3) if a geometry is exported in CAESES. Maybe your geometry has failures and it creates an sat file with no data. Please let me know the results. If the problem is still not resolved we can have a quick web-meeting as well. In that case please write an email to erdem@friendship-systems.com Cheers Ceyhan
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