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  1. Hi Katherine, I don't think there is a command to set just the path, not the name. In that case you would simply have to set the full name and path but keep using the same name. The commands available in fsc scripts are basically the same as in CAESES with the exception of things that require a GUI (e.g. screenshots are not available in batch mode). You can learn about most types and available commands through the Type documentation: Also, if you start typing a command (even if it is just a "." behin a certain object) you can always use ctrl + space in CAESES and see what the auto-completion has to offer: A third option many newcomers like to use is, to set things up in the GUI and then select a certain object or a whole bunch and right-click > Create Feature Definition: This will give you a new feature definition containing everything you had selected. BR, Heinrich
  2. Hi Katherine, maybe it is easier if you just run the fsc script in a unique directory for each design you want to generate -- this way also any other files generated by CAESES are taken care of. However, you can also adjust the name trough the fsc script. I'm guessing you set up your export by providing a scope (folder) in CAESES which contains the geometry you want to export and for which you have set a custom file name like this: Inside your fsc script you should be able to just change that name if you add a line like this: 19_export.setExportFileName("changeThisNameAsYouLike") You can also provide a fullName (incl. absolute path) if you want. BR, Heinrich
  3. Hi Katherine, of course, you can remove a face. In case of you model I would just recommend to this after joining the parts via boolean sum. You can choose any method to remove the face. Personally, for this case I would probably reference the face by color or via reference point. BR, Heinrich
  4. Hi Katherine, for the boolean oyu want the 3 parts closed and distictly overlapping (no co-planar faces). Also, in you first add sources operation you accidentally added the tank and inlet instead of only the tank. See attached file for a working model... Cheers, Heinrich Simple_test_geometry_ver4_redo_mod.cdb
  5. Hi Carlos, what's meant is an operation: Cheers, Heinrich
  6. Hi there, this is most likely a rendering issue and not related to the actual shape of the curve. Is there a particular reason why you are still using the CAESES4? If not, I strongly recommend you to upgrade. Apart from many many great new functionalities and a big difference in performance, also the rendering has improved significantly. Best regards, Heinrich
  7. Could you try attaching the screen shots again?
  8. It's part of the documentation that comes with CAESES. You can either switch to the help workspace (bottom left) and just search for it: or you create a blade and then select the Icon next to it in the object editor: Cheers, Heinrich
  9. Dear Althaf, in the documentation for the FGenericBlade you should find all the details, including the following figure: Best regards, Heinrich
  10. Dear Solehah, we are awaiting your response on the Ticket you opened. Cheers, Heinrich
  11. Dear Aina, I am happy to take a look but would need the project file and/or the exported IGES you mentioned. From the screenshot it looks as if your geometry is not fully watertight -- that might be a starting point for investigation. Furthermore, the displacement calculation is based on the triangulation settings -- the coarser, the larger the error. But typically the deviations here are not as large as you experienced them. Finally, if you calculate displacement at a certain draft, heel and trim, the order of transformations and the origin you choose may drastically impact the result. I don't know about Numeca, but in CAESES we transform in the order heel, trim, draft and use [0,0,0] as default origin. You can also specify otherwise by using the .getDisplacementOrigin() command. Kind regards, Heinrich
  12. Dear Aina, typically the absolute path to your FineMarine installation followed by a space (" ") and the path to the *.sim file should work. Just check it manually in a terminal window. Best regards, Heinrich
  13. Dear Lixing, The questions you are asking are explained in detail in the type documentation -- just click the icon left of the name of your blade. Also note, that you can choose between different options for the representation of skew and pitch: Best regards, Heinrich
  14. Dear Solehah, thanks for preparing the file. Here's a few comments: 1. I can see that you have a number of individual Trimesh Parts. None of them has a color. Typically what you would want is a watertight geometry of the domain with the individual patches colored (the color names will be exported as the names of your boundary conditions). I recommend you color the individual parts and join them together in a single Trimesh like this: 2. Make sure to reference to the exported geometry in your sim scripts (maybe I just overlookerd it, but I could not find the file names you used for the exports in there. Lines 8-9 in your existingShip.iec file don't look good. 3. Your Connector runs the local Application FineMarine without any additional arguments. I imagine that you either need to specify the sim file as argument or, alternatively come up with a batch file that takes care of running things. 4. If you want to have parameters for certain inputs you will need to assign them to your configuration (i.e. drag & drop): I'll leave it at that for now. If you still run into trouble, I highly recommend you follow through a few tutorials on the subject. The procedure is always very similar. Best regards, Heinrich
  15. Dear Solehah, since this is a forum, I'd would like to ask if you can provide a (possibly simplified) version of your project that you are willing to share with other users? This way we can create a knowledgebase that allows the entire CAESES community to benefit. Best regards, Heinrich
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