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  1. There is something, that seems to be related to the weight of the third point. But maybe it also comes from the curve intersetion point, there seems to be a discontinuity in the definition, see screenshot of control polygon. That is where the "folding" appears in the visualization.
  2. Hi Mr. Claus,

    Im doing my research about optimisation modelling toward reducing ship resistance.

    So here i want to connect CAESES with Numeca and i want Numeca run as a background of the simulation to get the resistance, but when i want to run to get the result value, Numeca interference keep pop out which it tell to run in Numeca. Here i attach the picture, in the picture i take the result from Numeca. Can you give me some advice Mr Claus, if my setting is right or not. 

    Thank you in advance


  3. What kind of geometry to you use? Trimesh or BRep? Can you upload your model, please?
  4. You can find the function in the Help Workspace, see screenshot below.
  5. You can create a section (sectiongroup) and measure the sectional area for a given draught.
  6. Use the section visualization in the display options.
  7. If you use a BRep, then you can simply trim by any principle axis, see screenshots below.
  8. Your modification is so small, that you can simply not see much ....
  9. Sorry Christina, if you set up the linesplan, you can export the feature to IGS, that will write out the lines as curves, but not the label.
  10. Hi Atiyah, Short question, why would you want to keep the wetted surface area? Best regards Claus
  11. In the hydrostatics calculation you define "sink" which will define the draft you want to calculate. The upper part will then not be considered. Best regards Claus
  12. HI Christina, you can copy the feature definition into your feature directory or define a new location in "custom features, set custom locations". Alternatively you can edit the feature if you double click on the feature or click on the edit-icon next to the name "repair" and then export the feature definition in the "general" tab to any directory that you then include in your custom locations. Best regards Claus SurfaceLoftingSections.fdf
  13. HI Matheus, You should be able to run CAESES 4 also utilizing the float license issued for your team. Then you have to start CAESES (float license) from the start menu. Best regards Claus
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