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  1. HI dongdongdong, There is no real mirror in CAESES. If you want to have an object mirrored you can create a copy and add a transformation. Actually for hull shapes there is a BRep operation "addMirrored" that will do it for you and combines the two sides in one new BRep. Best Regards Claus
  2. HI dongdongdong, Here is an example: functions.cdb
  3. HI Shafeeh, Here is a model of a rim drive. Best Regards Clausrimdrive.cdb
  4. Hej Gustaf, Can you create a ticket in the helpdesk https://helpdesk.caeses.com/ and share your project file, please? Looks like the parametrization is different to what you would like to achieve. The ruled surface connects the curves at the same parameter values, hence you can manipulate them by changing the parametrization, e.g. unit speed or even custom. Cheers Claus
  5. HI Jake, Can you send the propeller file again? I can not find it in my archives.
  6. Please insert a reasonable knotspacing value in the BRep and datareduction afterthe transformation. The transformation might otherwise rip the geometry apart, since it moves the control points of the vessels representation. In the flat of bottom area there might be only a few and that needs to be refined. Cheers Claus
  7. The reference points for the trimming did not hit the Brep. Alos,is there any reason why you took 2000 sections for the bottom surface? TestSWAN_v2_trimmed.cdbc
  8. Jake, Ceyhan is not in the office these days. Will take a little until he responds 😕 Best Regards Claus
  9. Hi Jake, I received your question, unfortunately I am a bit busy theses days ... I'll come back to you.
  10. Hi George, I took the liberty to reduce the number of sections for the metaSurface a little to get the performance a little better. Your chosen number might have slowed it down and potential later operations take long and might fail. If you select the hull Brep, you will find two sprayrail as operations. If you define a feature that has a Brep as typeProvider, and the first argument is a FBrepBase you can use that as an operation, which will make your project pretty slim. For the Chine, I also generated a new surface as a RuledSurface from the upper edge of the metaSurface and a trimmed imageCurve of the side Brep. Cheers Claus TestSWAN_v2_SR.cdbc
  11. Thanks, I have responded by email. Did you get it? Cheers Claus
  12. HI Jake, can you send me the step file? info@friendship-systems.com would work for that. Cheers Claus
  13. Yes! We usually define normalized parametric section definitions, therefore all controls are relative to C. This does not hold for skew, rake and pitch, those inputs are blade parameters, not section parameters.
  14. You can write the value in a separate file if you want. If you look up the code snippet for "write file" in the feature editor, you should get a hint how you can write a file.
  15. Thickness is not only normalized by R but also by Chord. So it is t/c. Best Claus
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