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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I am really new to CAESES and I tried the s-duct tutorial, followed all steps but I am getting an message: External process start failure [Starting process C:/Users/HP/Desktop/skola/DP/sduct/sduct/manual_results/baseline/Runner//Allrun failed: Process failed to start:] Currently using OpenFOAM v1912 installed on Ubuntu 18.04 for Windows 10, Allrun and stdouterroroutput files are attached. I will really appreciate any help! stdouterroroutput.redirect Allrun
  2. Hello Everyone, I've tried my hands on CAESES+CFX integration and i think its worth sharing for those interested in using Ansys CFX. This was done with ICEMCFD as the mesh tool (rpl script file). The key files needed from CFX are the *.pre and *.cse. Ive attached a project file that shows how the integration was done. To run in batch mode, you'll need to call cfx5pre, cfx5solve and cfx5post executable( please check attachment). I've also attached a process workflow to describe how the integration works. To post process in CAESES, you can check the tutorials for more details. (C:\Program Files (x86)\FRIENDSHIP-SYSTEMS\CAESES\tutorials\01_getting_started\postprocessing.pdf). Cheers, Richard Project1_elbow.fdbc
  3. We can make a multi-segmented smooth curve from Feature Definitions -> Hull Design -> Multi Segmented Smooth Curve. The issue is I can only define '2' intermediate points in a curve. I want to join many multi-segmented curves to create a single curve. How do I do it ? I am a beginner in CAESES. I could not find it in documentation. Please help.
  4. Hello everyone. In the attached file, there are an sample hull, feature definition for connection to Maxsurf to get Large Angle Stability results. When I click to run button, console says that "Initializing BentleyStability - please be patient ... ... initializing BentleyStability failed - aborting" Anyone knows how to fix this? Thank you in advance... shiphull.fdbc
  5. Hello to everyone. Is there anyone who's made integration between Caeses and Maxsurf Stability/ Maxsurf Resistance before? If any, can you please share it to me to learn how to make it? Regards, Hasan.
  6. Hello friends,   Currently, I can use CAESES to read the points of a curve (function (x,y)) and then export into csv file. Is it possible to further calculate the slope or derivative of this function using CAESES programming and then export a csv file? Or any other way to do this without programming? Thank you guys.    
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