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  1. Hi Karsten, Thanks for creating these files. The 3D import works fine for me. How can I import 2D data then? I did not find "import 2D data from files in features".   Cheers
  2. Hello Joerg,   Thanks for your reply. I have already done the calculation and .csv import and export. Is it possible to make one parameter, eg. X column in the table (.csv) to be design variable in optimisation? Thank you for your help.
  3. Hello friends,   Currently, I can use CAESES to read the points of a curve (function (x,y)) and then export into csv file. Is it possible to further calculate the slope or derivative of this function using CAESES programming and then export a csv file? Or any other way to do this without programming? Thank you guys.    
  4.     Thanks for your reply. As your example, this makes "x" into the design variable. Is it any way to make each value of the function into design variable? Cheers.
  5. Hello guys,   I am working on an optimization of a motion function of a variable pitch turbine. The design variables in sobol can only be a number but not expressions. Is there any other way to optimize a function or expression?  Thank you.    
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