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Found 3 results

  1. Hi folks please find attached a Feature Definition for a "Bulbous Bow Shape Analysis" and a Feature Definition which can be used in a CurveEngine for creating a MetaSurface. shapeAnalysis_Bulbous_Bow.fdf bulbous_bow_section.fdf [edited 05.10.14 - tangent analysis included] In order to replace a Bulbous-Bow-IGES-Import by a fully parametric MetaSurface you can use this Feature by execute the following steps: Create a Surface Group including all the IGES-surfacesCreate a new Feature Definition and reload the Analysis-Feature, apply and create the Feature by right click on the Feature Definition>Create FeaturePass the Surface Group to the Analysis-Feature and enter (if necessary) start- and end-position in x-direction of the bulbous bowAdditionally give a number of offsets (30-50 should be a good choice)Run the Feature This will create function curves which can be used to create a MetaSurface. The next steps should be: Re-model the function curves by e.g. FSplineCurvesCreate parameters for some values of the new curves, like start/end position, start/end tangent or area Create a CurveEngineCreate a new Feature Definition, reload the Section-Feature and applySelect the Bulbous-Bow-Section-Feature and pass the new function curves to the EngineAdditionally you can set start- end end-tangent valuesCreate a MetaSurface, select the Curve Engine and set the base positions according to the start- and end-position in x-directionNow you will have a single Metasurface, which is parametric and ready for a design study. Cheers Matthias
  2. Hi together, please find attached a parametric model of a costa bulb and a feature definition. To recover the energy which gets lost by the hub vortex of the rotating propeller a costa bulb can help. I integrated the rudder bulb setup into the feature "Spade Rudder" which is shipped with CAESES/FFW. The bare hull to which I attached the appendages is also shipped with CAESES/FFW. All you need as input are some propeller parameters. Please find the feature here: baseline > abdy > appendages > feature:rudder Cheers Matthias (fdb file edited, 30.09.2014) containerVesselCosta.fdb
  3. Hi All, Please try out this parametric CAESES model of a volute for a blower. The basic shape is controlled by a function (red) to control the offset of the outer shape from the inner circle. If you switch off the visibility of the trimesh (named volute, click on its icon in the object tree) you can see the surface topology behind it. If you are a bit experienced, such a model is set up in 15 min from scratch. Have fun!volute1.fdb
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