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  1. Hi Everyone, When i try to open my project file, i take that error given below. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hi everyone, I coupled CAESES and Starccm+. I'm trying a cycle out. As you can see on screenshot, it says n/a for "eval_coeff"; but when i click on created design, i can see the value on the left side. It does not count in the "eval_coeff" value when making evaluation. How can I overcome this problem? Any idea?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm in lack of opportunity of conducting model test in my university. To carry on my studies I need either full parametric model of well-known benchmark vessels(KCS, KVLCC2, DTC, ONR etc.) to study on multi-objective optimization or experimental results of a SWATH hull to validate myself on CFD and go further. Anyone can give a hand with sth? Thank you in advance. Regards, Hasan.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm working on integration of Caeses and Starccm+ to optimize hull forms. In fact, I've handled making connection. When I model my hull with proper feature definitions (generally I follow Fast Monohull tutorial), I often get the warning given below(even in Fast Monohull Tutorial); *** INFO |curve_engines|curve_engine_03 => |f1 => |c3 : smooth curve generation from the current input data is not possible *** INFO |surfaces|srf_fwd_01 : warning: internal pole detected in one of the curves, which might lead to surface problems... After hiding my head into sand, I export my hull form(srf group) as .step file to StarCCM. During creation of domain, StarCCM says invalid surface or unclosed srf. When I analyze my surfaces in Rhinoceros, I can see the gaps and invalidities. Which is the best way to export files from CAESES to StarCCM+? How can I get rid of surface problems? thank you in advance...
  5. Hello everyone. In the attached file, there are an sample hull, feature definition for connection to Maxsurf to get Large Angle Stability results. When I click to run button, console says that "Initializing BentleyStability - please be patient ... ... initializing BentleyStability failed - aborting" Anyone knows how to fix this? Thank you in advance... shiphull.fdbc
  6. Hello to everyone. Is there anyone who's made integration between Caeses and Maxsurf Stability/ Maxsurf Resistance before? If any, can you please share it to me to learn how to make it? Regards, Hasan.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm new at Caeses. Is there any possibility make coupling between caeses and maxsurf resistance? I've read lots of tutorials, forums; watched lots of videos but I could not understand how to make coupling. I've thought that tutorials are not east to understand for who is just started for it. Is there anyone to be able to help? Regards
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