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Found 4 results

  1. Hi There, The maximum degree of an FBSplineCurve type appears to be limited to 9. I am producing curves with many more points than 10, is it possible to override this maximum and apply my own limit so that the degree may be correct to the number of points?
  2. Hi There, I'm currently writing a feature that will elevate the degree of a given B-Spline by generating new control points. My feature generates a curve and the points correctly. I am running into an issue with the Knot vector for this augmented curve. I am constructing the knot vector as an FDoubleSeries, this appears to be as per the documentation for the curve command .setKnotVector() The code evaluates with no errors, I can see that the correct number of items are in the series, but the double series does not appear to play nicely with anything else. I'm at a bit of a loss. I've placed the relevant code below and attached the working file, please excuse it's structure, it is a practice exercise. Any help is appreciated! //Constuct Knot Vector FInteger numPoints(augPoints.getSize()) FDoubleSeries knotVector([]) //Case where num Points is 10 or less if(numPoints<=10) loop(numPoints) knotVector.add(0) endloop loop(numPoints) knotVector.add(1) endloop //Case where num Points is greater than 10 elseif(numPoints>10) FDouble knotFraction(1/((numPoints-10)+1)) loop(10) knotVector.add(0) endloop loop(numPoints-10) knotVector.add(knotFraction) knotFraction += knotFraction endloop loop(10) knotVector.add(1) endloop endif echo("" + knotVector.getCount()) beginPersistentSection() BSplineCurve augCurve() augCurve.setDegree(augPoints.getSize()-1) augCurve.setKnotVector(knotVector) augCurve.setPointList(augPoints) endPersistentSection() Q2.cdbc
  3. Hi together, The software CAESES is a CAD and optimization platform. For students and PhD students there are free non-commercial licenses available. In addition, there are low-price offers for start-ups and smaller companies. CAESES can be used for 2D and 3D parametric modeling, see this link for some information about its CAD capabilities. Here are some screenshots: Compared to traditional CAD systems, CAESES is a bit different. It comes with a strict object-oriented approach, i.e. the user sets up dependencies between objects and these dependencies are then kept. This makes it easy to automate the geometry generation process. Here are some features of CAESES: Full 2D and 3D modeling capabilities (NURBS-based)Roughly 20 curve types and 15 surface typesStandard transformations (translation, rotation, scaling)Writing of custom features and functionsBoolean operationsTrimmingFillets between surfacesMorphing functionality for deformation of existing geometrySurface tessellation control through e.g. trimesh objects to create and fine-tune custom STL dataCommon import and export formats e.g. IGES, STEP, PARASOLID, STLIndustry-specific modules for blade and ship designBatch mode for non-GUI (hidden) geometry generation in the background Cheers Joerg LAST UPDATE: NOV 2017
  4. Hi! I'm wondering whether it's possible to insert a quad/plane textured with image? Also, image contains coordinate system which I would like to calibrate to Caeses units and then I would draw curves snapped on that plane over the image. I'd actually like to draw a ship hull from its lines drawing, and then loft or whatever to recover the full shape. J.Basic
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