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  1. Hi, CAESES won't launch and says it can't access the license server? Is it down?
  2. Claus, Typical 2D section properties we use are like this in appropriate unit system of course: Area: 92357056.735 Perimeter: 36720.890 Bounding box: X: 1165.227 -- 17331.991 Y: -329.077 -- 11344.873 Centroid: X: 8420.303 Y: 5290.858 Moments of inertia: X: 3120718178929088 Y: 7513980514853601 Product of inertia: XY: 3959967613135844 Radius of gyration: X: 5812.892 Y: 9019.864 Principal moments and X-Y directions of centroid: I: 4.856E+14 along [0.952 -0.306] J: 1015503441212061 along [0.306 0.952] Thanks, Britt
  3. Hi, One feature I have been looking for (that I don't think is available) is to be able to retrieve sectional properties from a number of cross sections or planar surfaces. I am often doing structural analysis of hydrofoils and being able to retrieve sectional interia/torsion constant information and operate on them would be a huge help. https://github.com/robbievanleeuwen/section-properties is a potential option but I haven't had the time to try and integrate it myself. Looking forward to seeing what CAESES 4.5 has in store for us .. Britt
  4. A project I have been working on for the past few weeks seems to have become corrupted. When I try to load the project it hangs and ends up " Not Responding". Is there anyway to recover the project or to determine where it is hanging up on the install? The log files do not seem to have any details.
  5. Hi, After a few days trying I have successfully set up the SSHresource manager with a Postgres DB back end. CAESES can communicate with the server but when I attempt to execute a hexpress job it fails. Does anyone have suggestions on a) what the application executable calls for Hexpress and FineMarine should look like in the SSHresourceManager and B) any suggestions on custom canceller classes for SSHresource manager for these tools? I am running the solver/meshers on Linux Centos X64. Thanks for any advice, Britton Ward
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