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  1. Hi Heinrich, Sorry for the confusion and adding something more. I have generated my section with the origin at a different point than I intended. Instead, keeping everything else the same, the curves and everything, I need to only translate my coordinate system. The next one is in the operation trim by curve, I only want a curve that is towards the left hand side. But depending on a design variable I have, the curvature is changing based on "curve to keep". Is there a way to only preserve the left side of the curve always. Regards, Stan
  2. Hi Heinrich, Is it possible to change the origin to a different point once the section is defined.
  3. Hi, I have a foil section defined by 6 variables. I now have a feature that gives me equidistant points on the profile, however, I need to sample by design variables and get atleast 3500 different geometries, and run the feature on each of them. Is there a way I can do it from Command Line or an external C++/Java. Also there's an additional check that needs to be done based on the thickness of the profile at a certain position. Could we connect externally as the geometry is confidential. Is there a mail I can send it to instead.
  4. For example take a NACA4Ds, how do I get the x and y coordinates equidistant on the profile, or if there's any tutorial that you would like me to do, please let me know.
  5. Yes. When I use FOR i=0 TO 199 u = i/199 Point = EvaluateCurveAt(u) ExportPoint(Point) END FOR It doesnt give anything on the console. I tried different export methods, I'm not able to get any output
  6. Hi All, I have created a section geometry, and I need 200 equidistant points in the clockwise direction of my section, how can I export the same?
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