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  1. Hello Johannes Yes, the same problem occurs when the project is not started. Could this be related to computer equipment? Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  2. Hello Johannes I still can't solve it after trying the method you mentioned. Are there any other methods I can try? The current situation is still the same as in the picture. Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  3. Hello! After I open my model in 3Dview, it shows that it is open but I cannot see the model. The mouse also displays information about objects Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  4. Hello! How should I solve this check error so that Local Optimization in DAKOTA can be executed smoothly? check failure [multiple objectives for single objective optimization. Note: you can introduce a weighted normalized sum of the objectives.] I first used sampling in Dakota as basic optimization. I produced a total of 10 results in sampling. I wanted to perform Local Optimization on several of the results, but a check failure message occurred. How should I solve it? Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  5. HI Heinrich, Thank you for your reply, I will try it. Best Regards YuKai
  6. Hello!! How should I set constraints so that CFD will not run when the slpoe parameter is greater than 45? Let CFD only performs the parameters I want Thanks for yours help !! Best Regards YuKai
  7. HI Heinrich Thank you so much I understand Best Regards YuKai
  8. HI Heinrich After I tried it, I found that if I used the first method you mentioned, he would run out of sobol_02 and start running again. The second method will also run out of sobol_02 and start over. Is this correct? Best Regards YuKai
  9. HI Heinrich Thank you so much I will try to see it right away Best Regards YuKai
  10. Hello!! If the error occurs when the optimization and CFD are performed, the CAESES is closed, will it continue to execute the place where you can re -interrupt? For example, I use SOBOL to deform 20 projects and perform CFD computing, but the storage space is full when it runs to half, so that he cannot continue the operation. So, can I continue the operation from the interrupted place next time? Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  11. HI Andreas, Sorry for replying to you so late After I deleted it, I still can't log in to the latest version of CAESES.
  12. Hi Andreas, I really appreciate your reply to me After comparing the two situations, I only found that some values when calculating interfoam were different, and the settings of snappyHexmesh I used for mesh generation were all the same!! I'll keep trying to figure out where the problem is when generating the mesh!! P.S. I wanted to install the new version 5.2.4 to try it out, but after the installation was completed, I found that it could not be opened. This was his error. If you have crashes using a custom file dialog (PDF generation or OpenProject) add "-style plastique" to your start script qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "/home/yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/" even though it was found. This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. Available platform plugins are: eglfs (from /home/yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/), linuxfb (from /home/yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin /Linux.x86_64/platforms/), minimal (from /home/yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/), minimalegl (from /home/yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux .x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/), offscreen (from /home/yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/), vnc (from /home/yukai/Desktop/ CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/), webgl (from /home/yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/), xcb (from /home/ yukai/Desktop/CAESES_5.2.4_Linux.x86_64/bin/Linux.x86_64/platforms/), eglfs, linuxfb, minimal, minimalegl, offscreen, vnc, webgl, xcb. ./CAESES: line 115: 20882 Aborted (core dumped) ${FS_INSTALL_DIR}/bin/Linux.x86_64/CAESES $ARGS "$@" I don't know how to solve it. I tried reinstalling and using -style plastique as mentioned above, but I couldn't successfully open it. Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  13. HI Andreas I really appreciate your reply to me Is this after I execute stdouterroroutput.redirect once and it seems to be normal? However, openfoam still calculated the divergence, so the calculation was terminated! I set the endtime to 10000, but the current calculation diverges when it reaches 155. I am using version 5.1.7, which is not the latest version. Could this be relevant? stdouterroroutput.redirect
  14. HI! I have a question After I completed the openfoam connection in CAESES, he needed to run it for the first time so that he could have reference values for optimization. However, during the first execution, he was unable to converge and openfoam terminated the calculation. I know this seems to be a problem with openfoam, but when I exported the model and ran it alone through openfoam, it was successfully executed and converged, and all my settings in openfoam were the same. I don't understand why the openfoam operation in caeses cannot converge, but openfoam alone can converge normally? Thanks for your help!!! Best Regards YuKai
  15. Hi Andreas Arapakopoulos Thank you very much for replying to me I know how I do it p.s. If I have any other questions in the future, can I ask you?
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