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  1. Hi Everyone, I can not open design viewer after optimization studies. As you can see in the picture true study was selected, but CAESES gave an error. What can I do? Thank you Best Regards, Osman
  2. Hi Mr. Zadow Thank you for your help. It solves my problem. Best Regards, Osman
  3. Hi Everyone, I am working on a nose cone as you can see in the image and I am using the free form deformation method. I control the nose cone with 4 different sections and I have assigned the scale ratio to be used for each section as a different design variable. So there are a total of 4 design variables(r1,r2,r3,r4). Consecutive design variable values should not be less than each other. For example, if r1 is 0.2, the lower bound of r2 should be 0.2. But I can't control it. Any ideas on how to do it? Thank you, Best Regards Osman
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