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  1. Hi, Have you toggled any of those filters? To fit your view, right mouse button and: Best wishes Bastian
  2. Without being aware of your exact plan, would it be a sufficient workaround to substract a cylinder by means of a boolean operation?
  3. Hi, please try "boolean operations" within the brep creation after you added a source once.
  4. Hi, could you please provide more information how you created the Brep you want to export comprising the four single parts?
  5. Please ensure your export folder has the correct setting as shown in my first screenshot from monday. Furthermore, you could have a closer look what is exported by Caeses when updating a parameter in this file path:
  6. I assume the first part of the error message "Error: No compatible interface found for this file type" refers to the exported file type. Please try different file types like .stl, .step, .sat and so on
  7. Hi, the CAESES-file and the workbench do not have to be in the same directory. To check if the DesignModeler receives a geometry, just open it. By updating the CAESES module in the workbench, the FSC-File opens CAESES, exports the geometry and so on. You do not have to deal with other exports than your FSC-file. My screenshot above originates from CAESES. Please check the folder you want to export, its content and the names as shown in the screenshot. In case you did not read it so far, CAESES provides a perfect and detailed manual how to achieve your objective: Best wishes Bastian
  8. Hey, have you checked if your desired geometry is imported correctly in DesignModeler? It is important that your part name has the correct ending. For example if you export a sat-file, name it "whole_part.sat" as shown in the screenshot below. Furthermore, give it a try without an underscore in the name. Best wishes Bastian
  9. If you created the other surfaces with "Coons Patch" by use of 4 boundaries, you could divide the current 2 lines into 4 lines with "image curves" and use them as boundaries for a "Coons Patch"
  10. Hi, in my script i need to measure a length. The length that has to be measured (and adjusted afterwards) ends with the trailing edge of the following blade. The adjustment works well, but before running a huge DOE, i would like to know if the internal names remain unchanged after parameter update. In the attached picture i tried to visualize my question. The certain edge is named with "2" and can be found with BrepName.getEdge(2).... After some geomtry updates the name did not change and the correct edge was chosen - but is this ensured in any case? Many thanks Bastian
  11. Hi, i have tried the suggested workflow to optimize a rotor of a fan with the use of CAESES in combination with Turbogrid and CFX and it works really well. For machines comprising several blades rows e.g. rotor and stator, is there a way to use the CAESES Turbogrid-Export feature? Because i have not found the option to export a second blade row. Cheers Bastian
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