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  1. Ok first of all thanks a lot for your responses. What I was doing wrong, is that I wasn't exporting the whole project script, and I was trying to export just a specific scope script, so obviously this produced the aforementioned errors. Also, a valid CAD format must be exported as well. Anyway thanks again for helping me.
  2. If I try to manually import the CAD file as a .sat for example, it gets imported but then it won't update if I change a CAESES variable in the parameter panel, which is why I'm using CAESES in the first place.
  3. Ok, so I tried reinstalling the extension and now this error stop showing and everything loads normal. But when I open Design Modeler, the imported geometry has an error (image 1) and the error is the one in image 2. Again, thanks a lot for your time.
  4. Hi, thanks for your response. In workbench I only import the .fsc file. And the name is "duct.fsc", I don't know where the name "whole_part" comes from. It there a chance it might be a directory issue? Should the workbench directory be in the same one as the CAESES? But I've I tried this option and the error keeps popping up. In the image from workbench below, it seems that Design Modeler fails to read a valid CAD model. Should I export a .iges, .stp or another CAD file with the .fsc file as well? Or is just the .fsc file enough, and the CAESES module does the rest. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to do a duct shape optimization by coupling a CAESES parametric model with the ANSYS ICEM and CFX components. For that, I generate a simple parametric duct in CAESES and export the .fsc file, but when I try to import it in the CAESES ACT Extension and click update, I get the following error (see attached image). However, the ANSYS Geometry tile in the CAESES module is ticked, despite not having a geometry when I open it (second image). Any help on what may cause this problem would be appreciated.
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