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Britton Ward

4k Resolution Support

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Have just moved to a new laptop with a 4k -retina style display.  Is any work planned to tune CAESES for these high resolution displays?  While the program runs fine... there are display issues with icons appearing over text in the menu bar, tab bar justification and icons being too small to use reliably.


This is a problem with the onboard display so does not limit my usage with external monitors.


Screen shot to show what I am seeing.


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Hi Britt,


To be honest, we just tried it on a 4K 60 inch Philips TV and could not produce any problems (see attached photos - note that one of them was done with the upcoming 4.0 version, but the other two are with the current 3.1.4 release). We had it running on a Nvidia GTX 760 graphics card.


From your screenshot it looks like you have used the "Zoom In" functionality of CAESES, so we played around with that, too, but it never looked wrong.


So it seems like it's a problem of your particular hardware, to be honest.


Best regards,






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Hey Britt,


I found a setting in Windows 8 which controls the size and Icons and the fonts.


1) Go to "PC Settings"

2) select "PC and devices" > "Display"

3) Section "More Options" change it from "default" to "smaller"


This setting solved it for me on Windows 8.1. 

Maybe there is a similar setting on your Windows version.

Which Windows version do you use?


Does it help you.






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