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Britton Ward

Sectional Properties

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One feature I have been looking for (that I don't think is available) is to be able to retrieve sectional properties from a number of cross sections or planar surfaces.

I am often doing structural analysis of hydrofoils and being able to retrieve sectional interia/torsion constant information and operate on them would be a huge help. 

https://github.com/robbievanleeuwen/section-properties is a potential option but I haven't had the time to try and integrate it myself.


Looking forward to seeing what CAESES 4.5 has in store for us .. 




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Typical 2D section properties we use are like this in appropriate unit system of course:

Area:                    92357056.735
Perimeter:               36720.890
Bounding box:         X: 1165.227  --  17331.991
                      Y: -329.077  --  11344.873
Centroid:             X: 8420.303
                      Y: 5290.858
Moments of inertia:   X: 3120718178929088
                      Y: 7513980514853601
Product of inertia:  XY: 3959967613135844
Radius of gyration:    X: 5812.892
                      Y: 9019.864
Principal moments and X-Y directions of centroid:
                      I: 4.856E+14 along [0.952 -0.306]
                      J: 1015503441212061 along [0.306 0.952]


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