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Britton Ward

Wild cards in file descriptions

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I've got a complex string of external computations lined and rather than fixed file names the basefile name is generated from the design name.


In this case I am getting an input file from a previous computation  using the command:


getResultsDir(Ragoo) + 4_RagooPrep|43_RagooInputParam|ModelID + "_01.vin"


Hoping this will trigger the computation to begin when this file becomes available.


I'm wondering if it is possible to use wild cards in these situations as I may have more than 1 of the vin files..


would getResultsDir(Ragoo) +"*.vin"  retrieve all the *.vin files produced by the previous computation and copy them to my new computation input folder?


Likewise for results files will using wildcards + extension work?





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