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Mr. Mansur Zhussupbekov

Starting Tsearch from best Sobol result

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I am working on a pump optimization case similar to the TCFD + CAESES webinar/tutorial:



In that case, they perform Sobol (global sensitivity) analysis followed by Tsearch (local analysis).


I have few questions about the second part since the tutorial does not show how to setup the Tsearch from the best Sobol result:

  • does Tsearch engine determine the new upper and lower bounds for the design parameters automatically based on the Sobol analysis;
  • or do I set the bounds manually?
    • If manually, is there a rule-of-thumb for the new local range? I assume it has to be relatively narrow since we want to stay in the vicinity of this global minimum identified by Sobol analysis. 


If possible, could you please describe the procedure for this setup so that it continues Tsearch from the best Sobol design variant? 


Thank you for your support!


Best regards,

Mansur Zhussupbekov

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Hi Mansur,


first you analyze usually the charts, to see the dependency of each design variable on the objective function.




If there is nearly no dependency (which is indicated by a light yellow color), then you don't need that variable inside a TSearch. Also make sure that no variable reaches it's bounds for the best designs. if this is the case, then you need to extend the range of the design variable (if this is allowed). Usually you don't need to decrease the bounds of a design variable, because the TSearch will create local search from the current design.


To start a TSearch from a best design of a DOE, you can create a new design:




hope this helps


best regards



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