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CAESES is used for the parametric design of axial fans and similar turbomachinery products, mostly in the context of simulation-driven shape optimization. post-8-0-78542200-1519384190_thumb.png


In particular, CAESES is used if you need robust variable geometry models for automated studies. The comprehensive CAD modeling capabilities are geared towards simulation and give fan designers full flexibility (no black box, customization possibilities).


More information about turbomachinery design software can be found here.


I have also attached a few animations that were generated in CAESES. The design variables of the axial fan model were varied automatically using the integrated variation methods. Note that this is a rather simple model which is also shipped with the software. It can be used as a reference design to set up custom models. The hub and shroud modeling is demonstrated, as well as the 2D-3D mapping of the cylindrical sections and some Boolean Operations to cut the blade at the tip and merge it with the hub. The fillet size can also be controlled by a parameter.


If needed, you could also automatically derive the periodic flow domain for automated meshing with grid generation tools or CFD packages.





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Good morning Jörg,

We are a company in working in the field of electronics. Presently we are working towards developing an axial air circulator fan for industrial shop floor using . We have the fan blade with us. My email id is kaleganesh9@gmail.com.


Would appreciate if you could share your email id.

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