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I'm wondering whether it's possible to insert a quad/plane textured with image? Also, image contains coordinate system which I would like to calibrate to Caeses units and then I would draw curves snapped on that plane over the image. I'd actually like to draw a ship hull from its lines drawing, and then loft or whatever to recover the full shape.



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Hey Josip,


I've done something similar a couple of month ago.


Images can be visualized with the glpictureframe object (menu> Visualisation > Glpictureframe)


When you have visualized your linesplane you can start to create your sections with points and lines.

In this example I have used a bsplinesurface and fitted it to the linesplan.

Move the base position points to place the pictures.


You can create curves and create a lofted surface from these curves.


Here is another post which gives more inside about the picture frame.


If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.






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Hello Mr. Wenzke, the video  "Adding a bulbous bow to ship without bulb" uses a curve generated from a image surface,  command Features/ HullDesign/isomapping is from latest  Caeses version? I don't see this in my GUI.

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