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  1. Hello Mr. Wenzke, the video "Adding a bulbous bow to ship without bulb" uses a curve generated from a image surface, command Features/ HullDesign/isomapping is from latest Caeses version? I don't see this in my GUI.
  2. Hello dear Heinrich, I am trying to follow your video of Bulbous bow modeling, but in my Caeses version I can't find Features/ HullDesign/isomapping.

    Could you indicate me what is the new command for It  in Caeses 4.3.1 please? Is  there a document relating other commands that has change also?

    Best regards,



    1. Mr. Heinrich von Zadow

      Mr. Heinrich von Zadow

      Dear Alros,

      we don't ship the feature within the default installation package of CAESES. It was just something I put together a while ago for demonstration purposes. I attached it here.

      I recommend you try out the new BRep Morphing in CAESES5 -- it does a very similar thing to what is shown in the video, but should be much more flexible and powerful. There will also be a webinar very soon on the subject which you might want to sign up for:




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