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  1. Hey, I' ve created two feature definitions for importing and exporting of point data. Import: The file is read line by line. To create the point as objects you have to create the feature defintion via execute Defintion (right click). The point data in the csv or txt file has to be separated by white space or comma by default. You will find attached the project, the feature definitions and two example files as a zip file. Best regards Karsten ImportPointData.fdf writeCsv.fdb exampleFiles.zip ReadAndWriteFiles.fdb
  2. Hey, I think nearly everbody has heard about or seen an Archimedes screw. For those of you how haven't heard about it you can find more details here: https://en.wikipedia...edes'_screw I've created a small model of an archimedes screw. The Archimedes screw is created with a genericcurve for the spiral, a couple of lines and two sorts of surfaces. The model gives you the ability to change the length, outerradius, period and innerradius of the spiral and furthermore the outerthickness of the outercontour. Feel free to play around with it and try your own screws or other amazing spiral objects. Regards Karsten ArchimedesScrew.fdb
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