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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I hope you are doing well. I would like to ask question about failure which is indicated as importing .fsc file to Ansys Workbench to run in Batch Mode. Warning is shown in the attachment with my fsc file. Could you please help me to solve the problem? Best Regards windturbine.fsc
  2. Hello, I'm trying to do a duct shape optimization by coupling a CAESES parametric model with the ANSYS ICEM and CFX components. For that, I generate a simple parametric duct in CAESES and export the .fsc file, but when I try to import it in the CAESES ACT Extension and click update, I get the following error (see attached image). However, the ANSYS Geometry tile in the CAESES module is ticked, despite not having a geometry when I open it (second image). Any help on what may cause this problem would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, So I have created a spine model in CAESES for my research and was wanting to optimise it using the CAESES Act in ANSYS and have some issues. After I exported the fsc file just like the tutorial on this kinda thing and loaded it up into ANSYS. Got the green ticks in the CAESES box and all my design variables loaded up as parameters. Then I was hoping on transfering the data like in the tutorial but instead of Fluid Flow, putting the model into a Static Structural (SS) system. This created pink links from CAESES Geometry to both engineering data and geometry in the SS box. First an error popped up saying the "Could not determine the format of the data" for the engineering data. I could modify the engineering data to what I needed and loaded the model and created the simulation and got it to do calculations so I thought it was fine. I then wanted to do some Response Surface Optimisation and run a Design of Experiments (DOE) but then for every design points it would reload the engineering data from CAESES and report the same problem - "Could not determine the format of the data" - So I then deleted the pink line from CAESES Geometry to Geometry and it seemed to work fine, ran the simulation and it worked. But when I ran the DOE again, the geometry of the model never seemed to update and I got the same answer for every design point. Is there something I'm doing wrong or there anything I can do to actually run a DOE for my model? Flat.fdbc
  4. In simulation of shiphull using caeses and ansys ,how can the inlet and outlet (flow domain) be made? Can it be made with caeses (for external flow) Thanks Ogbenna Favour.
  5. Hello, I just finished creating the wing profile in the initial tutorial (FirstModelingSteps) and was trying to import it into Ansys Workbench to run a CFD simulation. I exported the project as an .fsc file as required by the add-in, but I am running into the following error: Update failed for the CAESES Geometry component in CAESES. User OnUpdate Callback Error:Local variable 'geoName' referenced before assignment. I have included the project file and a screenshot of the error message below. Could someone kindly point me in the right direction? Thanks! Matt FirstModelingSteps.fdbc
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