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Hello all,


I'm currently trying to design a more efficient 2 blade propeller for a quadcopter and I'm new to the Caeses platform. What would be the most efficient way to design a new 2 blade propeller, by changing the chord, NACA, etc under certain conditions (RPM, velocity, flight angle)?


I don't have CFD software on my personal computer if that's the best route to take. Is it possible to download it on my schools computer that has ANSYS?


Thank you very much,


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Hi Justin,


Sorry for the late answer.


I would recommend you to perform the basic tutorials first so that you can have an idea how CAESES works. Then you can start using some Blade specific features that would enable you to create the desired geometry in a faster way.

You are highly encouraged to ask more specific questions with regards to parametric blade creation.


If you are planning to use ANSYS WB in conjunction with CAESES you can use the CAESES ACT App that comes with the CAESES installation files. You can also find the latest version of the ACT app within ANSYS ACT library.




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