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Reference info for Publications using CAESES

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Please Ill like to ask if there is a reference document that can be used in a technical paper that used CAESES for optimization?.


I dont know if there is one but i think it will be helpful especially to students using CAESES. Im using CAESES for most of my work and will like to reference the tool in my publications.


Eg. for DAKOTA Im using the following reference below which I got from their website:


  1. Adams, B.M., Bauman, L.E., Bohnhoff, W.J., Dalbey, K.R., Ebeida, M.S., Eddy, J.P., Eldred, M.S., Hough, P.D., Hu, K.T., Jakeman, J.D., Swiler, L.P., and Vigil, D.M., "DAKOTA, A Multilevel Parallel Object-Oriented Framework for Design Optimization, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Quantification, and Sensitivity Analysis: Version 5.4 User's Manual," Sandia Technical Report SAND2010-2183, December 2009. Updated April 2013.

Thanks a lot.


Best Regards,


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Hi Richard,

We used to have such a PDF manual, but it's been a while. As you know, all the documentation is today shipped with CAESES and can be found in the documentation browser widget. If you like to use a reference, I would recommend to refer to the website:




Would that be ok?


BTW: It would be great if you can at least share the paper information in this post once it has been finished :-)

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Hi Joerg,


Thanks a lot. Yeah sure I think referencing the website is ok.


BTW: Definitely! Ill also send CAESES team a copy all CAESES related publications if accepted. (it might take sometime though)


Thanks again.



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